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The Altered State of Business. 

The Potential For Psychedelics & Sacred Plant Medicines To Elevate Our Leaders and Institutions.

A complimentary 33 page white paper (co-authored by 1heart and PsyX) intended to shed light on how psychedelics and sacred plant medicines can be a very effective, and timely, modality for business leaders to upgrade their leadership skills, expand their ‘normal’ ways of operating, and align their moral compass in order to solve our planet’s contemporary challenges. 


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    The altered state of business
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    The ways we elevate our business leaders will elevate global consciousness and solve planetary problems.

    Our world is undergoing change at unprecedented speed. New technologies and industries are seemingly birthed overnight while increasingly the ethics and sustainability of our default mode of doing business are rightfully being called into question. Everywhere we look, there are businesses and world leaders operating against the public interest and to the detriment of the health of our planet.


    It is undeniable that a new era of leadership is urgently required to beget fundamental system change. These new leaders will require new paradigms of thoughts and a deeper connectedness to our global society and planet if we are to survive, let alone thrive.


    1heart and PsyX have come together to create a FREE 33 page white paper filled with scientific research and experiential anecdotes on how influential, successful business leaders are safely and intentionally using powerful psychedelics and sacred plant medicine to elevate their consciousness that directly lead to how they shift their business practices centered around people, planet, and profit. What might the Journey of expanded consciousness mean for the institutions and businesses of the future?



    About the Paper


    Learn how psychedelics and sacred plant medicines can fundamentally alter our current institutions and businesses through their accelerated ability to expand and elevate the minds and hearts of our leaders.


    Consider shifts from traditional business models that leaders have taken away from their working with powerful psychoactive substances.


    Hear from influential leaders and the changes they have integrated as a result of their life-altering psychedelic experiences.


    Explore a more conscious, sustainable, and expansive path forward for our world, potentially accelerated through consciousness expanding modalities including psychedelics and sacred plant medicines.

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