girl in garden

Simone Clemens. 

Director of Integration & Scholarships, Facilitator

“You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.”

― Rumi



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Hi there! I’m Simone & a devoted student of the depths of this beautiful life. I am passionate about tenderly dissolving the limiting stories & beliefs around the human expression, & inviting humanity’s full spectrum out from hiding in the shadows & into the light.


I truly believe we are all artists & our life is our art. That there is absolutely no limit to who & what we can be, it is simply on us to have the courage to BE IT. I believe all wisdom we seek can be found & remembered in the body. & so I love teaching INbodiment movement & tools that remind us of our infinite well of wisdom & power within.


Dancing is one of my favorite ways to remember & I’m excited to dance with you soon! I live with deep reverence & love of/ for the plant kingdom, & have devoted my life to learning from & with Madre Ayahuasca. She has continued taking me on a deep & profound journey into my shadows to reclaim & remember the truth of who I am & what is possible.


And I am here to pay forward the wisdom & awakenings that have been imparted in me through my authentic expression while holding for you & yours. I’ll walk with you to your edge and cheer you on as you jump & remember your wings. In this thing together, let’s fly!


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