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1heart ‘Robin Geiger’ & ‘Omeed Mabrok’
Scholarship Fund

The 1heart ‘Robin Geiger’ & ‘Omeed Mabrok’ Scholarship Fund recognizes and supports heart-centered leaders committed to changing the world from the inside out.

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Thanks to the ever-expanding tenderness, respect, and generosity of our 1heart Tribe, we continue to award partial-scholarships to qualified candidates for 1heart Journeys in 2022 and beyond.


In the last few years, we gifted 50+ amazing humans 1heart Scholarships thanks to the generous donations into our scholarship fund. All have overcome significant personal challenges to be the change they wish to see in the world. Together we are investing in the future with a shared vision for an all-inclusive, wholehearted world.


“A tree can only be as strong as the forest that surrounds it.”

– Peter Wohlleben, Author “The Hidden Life of Trees”

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1heart Journey Scholar Applicants.


Are you ready to change the world from the inside out? Open to give and receive with abundance? Consciously commit to pay-it-forward?




1. Please read and watch through all resources on this page.


2. Please check in with yourself on your financial needs to join a 1heart Journey. Things to consider is your income level, how financially impacted you are right now, your access to these types of experiences, if you’re ready to devote 110% to this experience, and how you want to give back to your community, business, and 1heart tribe. *Please note that our scholarship fund is supported only by 1heart alumni, so scholarships are limited. We want to make sure they are granted to those most in financial need.*


3. Apply online for a 1heart Journey, and request a partial scholarship in the application (Up to $2,500 USD).

“1heart has been one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever received! It came at a turning point in my life and helped me grow into a new version of myself: one that is ready to face and overcome the challenges demanded by my life’s mission as an agent of change.”


Daniel Russek

Founder & CEO at Atarraya Inc.

(1heart Journey 3 Alum)

1heart Scholarships Donors


Ready to donate to our 1heart Giving Tree?
Help us plant seeds of unconditional love?
Be the change; ‘live one. give one’?

We all know 1heart transforms lives, work, and communities. Just see how Alex Lang-Willar, an alumni of Journey 3 and 9 and a recipient of 1heart Scholarships, has completely shifted his life after his experience with 1heart in 2019.

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Thanks to donors like yourself financially contributing to our ‘Robin Geiger’ & ‘Omeed Mabrok’ Scholarship Fund, 1heart can continue its mission of elevating the life, work, and community of heart-led leaders by inviting high-potential and deserving people like Alex who is now committed to continually raising global consciousness and contributing to solutions for our planetary problems. If you feel called to support and donate to the 1heart ‘Robin Geiger’ & ‘Omeed Mabrok’ Scholarship Fundplease contact our co-founder Barry Stamos.

“I can’t think of a single contribution that would change a person’s life more than to gift them a 1heart Journey.”


Peter Corbett, Founder & CEO at Corbett Ventures
(1heart Journey 4 Alum)

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Who is Robin Geiger?


Robin Geiger was part of our Journey 7 in October 2020, and epitomized absolute pure love and light. Robin, unfortunately, left this planet November 2020, though we know his spirit is still very much alive and with us all. We hope this scholarship fund will be another continual reminder of his spirit of true love and generosity.



Who is Omeed Mabrok?


Omeed Mabrok was part of our Journey 7 in October 2020 and Journey 9 in July 2021, and despite a challenging past, emerged out of it with pure bright smiles and love. Omeed transitioned out of this lifetime November 2022 and feel his spirit watching over us everyday. We want to commemorate him through this scholarship fund as a reminder of the resilience and light he exuded.


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Most Blessed is the hand that points the way
Most Blessed is the hand outstretched in friendship
Most Blessed is the hand over a shoulder in comfort and support
Most Blessed is the hand that toils for our food
Most Blessed is the hand that feeds the children
Most Blessed is the hand that writes the poems of love
Most Blessed is the hand that plays music to comfort our soul
Most Blessed is the hand raised to block a tyrant
Most Blessed is the hand that protects us in times of trouble
Most Blessed are the hands joined together in reverence and prayer
Most Blessed are the hands cupped to drink from the waters of life
And all these hands are part of a Greater Hand are they not?

—The Hand of God —Stuart Wilde