Awaken Leader - Alex Maceda


The Altered State of Business. 

The Potential For Psychedelics & Sacred Plant Medicines To Elevate Our Leaders and Institutions.


A complimentary 33 page white paper (co-authored by 1heart and PsyX) intended to shed light on how psychedelics and sacred plant medicines can be a very effective, and timely, modality for business leaders to upgrade their leadership skills, expand their ‘normal’ ways of operating, and align their moral compass in order to solve our planet’s contemporary challenges. 



How does 1heart differ from other retreats or plant medicine containers?


1heart Alumni speak to 3 main things that differentiate a 1heart Journey from other ayahuasca or plant medicine containers.


1) The comprehensive 8-week program that is offered vs. most other offerings that just focus on the medicine ceremonies without significant support prior/during/after. The 1heart program begins as soon as you sign up with our 25-page guide that allows you to begin preparation with readings/exercises and content that will support you in getting the most out of your Journey. Post Journey, you have a 5-week integration program which is absolutely critical for this deeply transformative work yet rarely offered. Our integration program will help you take the big insights and breakthroughs you experience on Journey and support you in integrating them into your life when you return how so that you can create lasting change. In addition, this program is key to creating a lasting community and support network for you beyond this program which will also support you through the breakdowns and breakthroughs along the way.


2) The integrated 1heart Journey experience is far more than an ayahuasca retreat. We call all our Journeys Human Life Accelerators as they are amongst the most comprehensive personal growth retreats in the world. The additional content that 1heart has curated and combined into a deeply intentional schedule provides many more opportunities for breakthroughs outside of the medicine ceremonies and ways to integrate the wisdom that you and your fellow 1hearters are uncovering on Journey. Our experience includes many modern and ancient modalities, including yoga, breathwork, temazcal (ancient sweat lodge), custom 1heart workshops, integration sessions, elevation groups, and excursions into nature. Our 150+ 5-star reviews speak for themselves. Many of the people who attend a 1heart Journey have attended many personal growth retreats. And time and time again, we see the 1heart experience at the top of their lists for lasting change, transformation, and a connection to a lifelong community.


3) The 1heart community is the magic behind it all. Everything from the moment you apply to well beyond your Journey is designed to welcome you into a family, the 1heart Tribe. There are many places to do retreats, there are few that almost guarantee you lifelong connections that will be amongst the most treasured in your life. Though you will do deep personal work on your Journey, the 1heart Journey experience is designed as a collective group one. The community is as much the medicine as the plants themselves. You will learn deeply from each other and have the opportunity to feel supported and support others to a level you may never have known possible. And beyond your 8-week experience, you will carry forward relationships with those on your Journey and connect with hundreds of 1hearters globally. You will have so many homes opened to you, you may never need to stay at a hotel again. After five years, all of our Journey communities are still active, and nothing makes us happier than seeing all the beautiful gatherings happening worldwide.



How do you support guests in preparing for the experience?


At 1heart, we believe strongly that the investment you make in yourself before the Journey will pay off tenfold beyond. We, therefore, invest in you beforehand with our 25-page elevation and preparation guides as well as a two-week virtual preparation program. In these guides include further guidance on the diet, journaling prompts, and more.


You will connect with your entire Journey as well as your elevation group (smaller group) and elevation leader (1heart alum) before embarking on your flight to Costa Rica.


When you arrive at the 1heart ayahuasca retreat, you will already feel connected to much of the group. You will have the comfort and safety of being well prepared before even getting on the plane. And you already feel the 1heart staff’s love and care for you as well as that of your fellow Journey tribe.



What does 1heart’s integration look like? And how long does it last?


1heart has the most comprehensive and structured integration program that we or any of our guests have experienced. We decided early on that we would not bring people to this medicine without providing them with the critical guidance and tools that help them utilize the major breakthroughs and insights that come with a 1heart ayahuasca retreat.


The full 1heart program is 8-weeks long, beginning with 2-weeks of virtual preparation, a 1-week retreat in Costa Rica, and followed by our 5-week integration program. During integration, we meet twice a week, once with the full group and once with your elevation group, which is a smaller, more intimate group that you will be divided into at the start of the preparation program. You will also be assigned a buddy on the Journey and stay in close touch with them throughout this program (and often beyond).


Our past 1heart Alumni swear by the importance of this integration program in creating sustained transformation in their lives as well as continuing to build their strong connections with fellow Journey members. The integration program centers around creating a 10-year Vision and all the tools and practices that support you in living your best life in full alignment with your highest self. We will also hold space for the bumps and struggles that come along the way as you integrate all that you’ve learned, as well as celebrate you for all the progress and breakthroughs. The 1heart integration program makes a 1heart Journey one of the most complete and powerful personal growth programs anywhere.