Transformative stories with plant medicine.

Want to hear about what it is like to go on a 1heart Journey straight from our alumni and learn how their lives have been transformed since?

Welcome to our podcast: The Awakened Leader | Transformative Stories with Plant Medicine, a series of intimate episodes that captures stories from CEOs, change makers and creatives on their experience. Learn how those moments have propelled them to elevate their life and the lives of those around them.

In each episode, we speak 1 on 1 with high performing heart-centered leaders and conscious creators. We’ll go deep on how their lives have been transformed from their work with sacred psychedelic plant medicine within our unique 1heart container.

Our intention with this podcast is to plant a seed within your heart that we all are powerful conscious creators capable of manifesting our most aligned lives filled with joy, fulfillment, and love.

Please enjoy the episodes with our 1heart alumni below!

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Episode 1 with Gerard Adams

From 8-Figure Startup Hustle to Thriving in Harmony & Fatherhood


Gerard Adams became a million by 24. And being a New York City hustler cultivated a knack for playing big games. But after selling Elite Daily, he was left empty and depressed. 1heart and his Ayahuasca experience shifted his perspective and allowed him to embody that everything he needs for wholeness is born within rather than done ‘out there.’ It’s been four years since he participated in our Ayahuasca retreat, and he continues to embody the balance between hustle and harmony.

Awaken Leader - Alex Maceda

Episode 3 with Alex Maceda

From Depression as a Stanford MBA and Silicon Valley Startup Exec to Thriving and Abundant Artistry


Alex Maceda, aka amac, lived Western society’s dream life. She had the money, influence, credentials, and status people dream of. But all of these things left her broken, depressed, and empty. Then she found her way to 1heart. And her time at this transformational Ayahuasca retreat organization cleared the smoke so she could live in her fullest color. Amac began following her natural passion of being an artist, which supports her soul and lifestyle in ways society’s dream never did, or could.

Episode 5 with Jeremy Abramson

Why We Play Small, Empowering Others, Life Changing Experiences, & a Microdosing Mastermind


Jeremy Abramson is a recognized thought leader who credits 1heart as the most transformative experience that unleashed his full potential. He went from playing small to empowering others to step into their highest expressions by founding Microdosing Mastermind & hosting the Thrive University podcast.

Awaken leader - Keith Ferrazzi

Episode 9 with Keith Ferrazzi

#1 New York Times Bestselling Author on Overcoming Unworthiness From Poverty & Shame Around Sexuality To Discovering Self-Love, the Love of His Life, & Deeper Impact


Keith Ferrazzi is a #1 New York Times best-selling author & a highly successful executive team coach. But even with all of his success, he still lacked a sense of self-love. Thanks to ayahuasca & the 1heart container, Keith cultivated self-love, called in the love of his life, and continues to impact 1heart’s organization & the world of executive teams profoundly.


From his hard work with work, life, love, & psilocybin to the gifts & insights 1heart’s ayahuasca experience gave him, Keith’s wisdom, humor, & commitment pour into this insightful & vulnerable conversation.