Pablo Boncompagni. 

Operations Manager


“Less is More.”
― Mies Van der Rohe



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Pablo’s life has been marked by resilience, healing, and an unwavering spirit. Growing up in the beautiful landscapes of Costa Rica, he encountered profound tragedy at a young age when his mother sacrificed her life to save his father. This event sparked a transformative journey toward self-discovery and forgiveness.


Today, Pablo is an architect by profession and supports our Director of Operations, and his wife, Camila, on and off Journey. They have dedicated themselves to co-creating safe and sacred spaces for healing and self-exploration with 1heart. His deep understanding of personal struggles and confronting darkness and shadows allows Pablo to be a lighthouse for anyone navigating their dark night of the soul.


On Journey, you’ll typically find Pablo with a camera in his hand and a smile on his face as he captures the moments that become memories for a lifetime for the alumni of 1heart. When he isn’t capturing content, he’s supporting Cami or Salman with general operations and logistics to support a smooth sailing Journey or practicing on his one-of-a-kind guitar.


While both Pablo and Camila are known as the angels of 1heart, Pablo’s also known just as well for his spirit animal, The Rock. He brings a strong, stable, and grounding energy to all those he crosses paths with – inside or outside of 1heart’s Journeys.



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