Overcoming Expectations to Live a Life of Selfless Service

At the age of 5, 1heart’s Partner and CMO Tim Sae Koo, proudly declared to his mother that he wanted to be the first Asian American President of the United States. He was on track to achieve this until he realized that politics wasn’t efficient enough for him. That’s when he discovered the world of entrepreneurship.

After bootstrapping and successfully exiting his first tech startup (TINT) in Silicon Valley at age 27, Tim went on a journey to rest & recharge, heal, and let go of the limiting beliefs he had picked up along the way including the need to create to prove himself (rather than creating from a place of love).

Today, he is putting his many super powers to work as the Chief Manifestation Officer (CMO) and a Partner of 1heart, an organization focused on supporting and empowering heart-driven leaders. He’s also an ecstatic dance DJ, avid meditator, and plant medicine enthusiast.

In this episode, we talk about Tim’s journey and some of the tools that are supporting his transformation and creating his purpose of selfless service. We talk about overcoming expectations of the people who love us most, how Tim defines his purpose that has led him to commit to 1heart, and how he continues to course correct in order stay true to himself.


Additional Resources:

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