Miguel Gauthier. Director of Elevation

Miguel Gauthier. 

Director of Elevation


“Everyone wants to change the world,
but no one wants to do their neighbors’ dishes.”

― BC Serna



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Miguel is a collection of magic and stardust and wants to be remembered as someone who lives out love and joy. He’s been a composer, music producer, director, artist and entrepreneur/founder of several ecom and retail brands and recently exited and sold his most recent brand Foxybae for over 35M.


He was also featured in Forbes.com as an up and coming entrepreneur. After his move to Los Angeles 12 years ago to compose music for television shows such as Dexter and Silent Hill and directing commercials for brands such as Mercedes’ and MTV, he’s currently retired, traveling the world, and creating magic and mischief.


This experience as well as a failed first marriage, caused Brandon to dive deep into his own personal Journey.


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