Jeanette Rios Evans. Lead Practitioner

Jeanette Rios Evans. 

Lead Practitioner


“All the love you’re searching for is right there, inside your heart”
– Jeanette Rios Evans



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Jeanette’s life took a big turn in 2013 after getting sick with an autoimmune disease. After seeing several doctors who couldn’t help her with treatment, she enrolled herself in The Institute of Integrated Nutrition. Shortly after becoming a certified health coach, Jeanette’s health bounced back into balance and her long standing disease was miraculously cured.


Jeanette found remedy to her health issues and inner healing through a holistic program centered around self-love. Soon after she shed the corporate routine job of 15+ years and a modeling career, she began empowering women to love themselves and ignite their inner-voice and sing their song.


Jeanette now leads I AM SACRED, the largest women’s circle in Miami and is a Transformational Life Coach. As an avid singer and performer since her childhood, Jeanette also found love and purpose through medicine music singing both in healing ceremonies and concerts around the world. Jeanette brings her strong feminine voice to 1heart as a facilitator, leading programming focused on self-love, feminine energy and stepping into our full power.


Jeanette is now happily married to the man of her dreams, Brandon Evans one of 1heart’s founders, and together they stand with the same vision and purpose to raise the global consciousness once and for all.



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