In Love and Gratitude: Camila’s Story to 1heart

One of the most decisive moments of my adult life was a conversation at my mom’s house with my mom, my stepdad’s sister, Totita, and my husband Pablo. 

It was March 2019, I was soon to be 32 and had recently been offered a raise at my Human Resources position in the corporation responsible for producing and distributing brands like Oreo, Ritz, Chips Ahoy, Trident, Toblerone, and many others. I had been working there for five years, steadily “climbing the ladder” and was now being offered a “dreamy” position that would further consolidate my career in this world. 

I was absolutely torn. While I was immensely grateful for my direct manager who became a beautiful friend and mentor of the years, I knew I was far from feeling professionally aligned.


My Struggle With Change

Since graduating with a Public Relations degree at 21, I had had two steady and stable jobs. It had been a decade of working in a stressful, fast-paced, environment, feeling a never-ending loop of pressure to get the job done perfectly, but with a thorn in my heart of not finding joy, purpose, and satisfaction in the thing I was waking up to do every day. 

I remember Totita asking me “What are you afraid of?” My mom was wiping her tears (Latin mom’s sure love a bit of drama) and reminded me, “Cami I just want you to be happy… Why are you doing this to yourself? You don’t have kids, you don’t owe anyone anything… Just quit!”

And while her advice was needed and useful, what made things harder was me disliking myself for not changing my situation. At that point, I was operating from a scarcity standpoint, and felt terribly stuck, afraid that if I would try something that would actually make me happy, I wouldn’t have the income or resources needed to pass by. 


Mi Amor y Mi Roca, Pablo

I have been infinitely blessed by the partner I received when I met my husband Pablo. He is the purest most loving and caring soul. He is a true partner to me in every sense of the word. He has the larger vision and grounding energy, I have the consistency and dreamy attitude. 

He had a tough childhood to say the least, and a series of events caused him to distrust money. The trauma of his childhood made him believe money was the source of all pain in the world. I perfectly understood where this came from and had brought it upon myself to be the provider for us. 

And right then and there looking at the faces of three people who loved me and were staring at me in concern about where my life was headed, Totita said to me: “Trust Pablo, allow him to step up.”

My Journey of Trusting, Believing, and Surrendering

On Monday I put in my notice. And Oh boy did Pablo step up. 

From then on, it has been a journey of trusting and surrendering. This belief in myself and God/Universe has led me down a path of one synchronicity after another. From living on the beaches that we love the most to meeting the most beautiful people and finding the right investments (with the savings I was able to perceive during all those years of work), time after time we found ourselves in more abundant situations.

Since 2019, we have moved from San José to Jaco, to Nosara, to Playa Grande, back to San José, and finally have landed in Camaronal where we have built our dream house. While we’ve just begun, we’re working to create our dream of having a sustainable farm, surf camp, and even a small little healing center.

We have been completely open to enjoying our lives and going with the flow. We had to let go of our plans and ideas, like where we wanted to settle, and worries about many things like what opportunities would arise when we were there, and especially material things that we didn’t really need… and we just trusted that when something felt right but didn’t make sense, God/Universe was bestowing a gift to support us on our path of alignment. It hasn’t been easy, and it hasn’t been all smooth sailing, but I feel ALIVE and I feel I am working for me, for us, and something bigger than both of us put together. 

A Connection For a Lifetime

I met Brandon and Jeanette, his wife, in the most serendipitous way possible. A God-sent moment, at the beachside community in Playa Grande, where they now reside. I was working there and they were searching for a home to make their own here in Costa Rica. It was one of those moments where you have no idea your life is about to change. Something so simple as needing to measure the space in the Clubhouse to move a couch there placed me at the exact same time as they were there, getting to know the place. 

We instantly connected, and I will never forget the warm hug Jeanette gave me and their radiant smiles. They introduced themselves as people who assisted others in their healing journey, working with various modalities, including plant medicine. As I had recently sat in my first ayahuasca ceremony, I remember blurting out: “I’ll get in line!” Little did I know I was literally going to be standing in line to receive my cup of medicine a few months later in my first 1heart Journey

A few weeks later, I just so happened resign to from my position there, looking for opportunities that would allow me to feel more aligned with my own personal mission to search for joy and spread this joy into the world.

When he heard about this, Brandon reached out to me and ask if I could support them in their transition in moving in from Miami to Playa Grande. This felt like a great chance that would allow me to work remotely and be in service and support to beautiful people coming into Costa Rica with a beautiful mission. 

And to my surprise, a few months after THAT, Brandon offered me a full-time position to me with 1heart. I knew everything I had done in life had led up to that. I was being given the opportunity to work in something I believe in with my whole heart and soul. 

I am aligned with 1heart’s purpose in a way that has always felt like it’s been my own all along. It was like 1heart came into my life to show me that listening to and trusting my subtle feelings and Godly nudges was the best thing I could do for myself, Pablo, and our family. 

And since I joined, I’ve gotten to celebrate life and the gift of working passionately and purposefully side by side with an AMAZING team accomplishing beautiful results and impacting so positively in so many lives along the way.

A Journey Back to My Childhood

Growing up in Costa Rica was a dream. I was exposed to the wonders and gifts of our loving Mother Earth and knew from a very young age I wanted to help people around the world experience this bliss. I wanted to help people remember how much love and grace we can all experience just from a gentle breeze.

I had a lovely childhood. My mom is a psychologist and most of all an adventurer and lover of life. My dad is an attorney and a very squared one too. Out of this very odd couple, me and my sister were born. Eight months into my mom’s pregnancy, I was born. My mom always describes my birth as so easy and fast that by the time she got to the hospital my head was halfway out. And by the time my dad had finished parking and gone inside, the nurses asked him: “Are you the dad of the girl that was just born”? He didn’t even know I was a girl until that moment. 

Originally from the capital city of San José, my parents knew the childhood they wanted for us was out of the city and close to nature. We spend four beautiful years in my childhood in Guanacaste, a place where the land is vast, the sun shines bright, and I and my sister lived freely.

We returned back to the city where the job opportunities were better for my parents and there was a better educational system for me and my sister. But I knew in my heart the city wasn’t going to be the place for me. Soon afterward, my parent’s relationship was no longer sustainable and they decided to part ways when I was 12.  

Some years later, my mom remarried this BEAUTIFUL man who took a father role and also gave me and my big sis a little sister. 

During my young adult years, I was lucky enough to meet and fall in love with yoga, pilates, functional training, and movement in general, which have become a constant in my life and a source of mental, physical, and emotional health I tap into on a daily basis. 

Living On Purpose

This dreamy childhood I later understood had also imprinted in me huge amounts of fear, and programmings of scarcity, and most of all I had learned not to speak up or show my feelings for fear of disturbing others. 

It has been a long journey of self-discovery to see this, understand the impact these have had in my life, and create new programs centered around self-worth. And I’ve been so blessed by having the right people, tools, and moments at the right time to alchemize much of that fear and scarcity and continue growing in abundance, love, and gratitude. 

So much of that has happened thanks to 1heart, and the fact that the medicine was calling me on her path. Since a young age and without knowing, I had been walking on a path of discovery (accompanied by a loyal and similar group of friends) and eventually, as happens to so many of us, very casually flowed into the first taste of the medicine, which felt oh so familiar and like a glimpse of heaven on Earth. 

To me, Ayahuasca is the powerful alchemizer of all things, source of eternal wisdom, love, and light. I fell in love with the potency and wisdom of the medicine and feel indescribably grateful to be able to serve this purpose to help others feel this too. 

And people ask me, why are you always happy? Why are you always smiling? It’s very hard to describe, but I’d say all the stars lined up for me in a way that it’s impossible for me not to rejoice with the dream and miracle that it’s life. 

I get to work every day knowing all we are doing so intentionally is creating a magical container for each of the 40+ beautiful souls that join in every given journey to experience bliss, joy, love. I also get to learn from each of them as they all serve as mirrors to my soul, and as I get to win a new soul tribe with each journey, my soul thrives knowing I am paving, along with all the beautiful brothers and sisters I meet, a bright future for humanity. 



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