How Heart-Led Leaders Can Elevate Humanity through Business (Video)

In June of 2019, 1heart co-founder Barry Stamos went on stage at the Global Ayahuasca Conference hosted by ICEERS in Girona Spain to highlight the global issues murdering our Mother Nature, and that this challenge is one we all share, not to be passed on to someone else to deal with (ie. government).

And one effective, proven, and accelerated way is to develop a higher collective consciousness in heart-led leaders through safe + intentional sacred plant medicine ceremonies (ayahuasca) so they can go integrate conscious capitalism into their businesses, or the 3 Ps: People, Profit, and Planet. This is the premise of how 1heart was birthed.

He, along with 1heart CEO Brandon Evans, hypothesize that by elevating the life, work, and community of high-performing, influential change-makers (ie. CEOs, founders, entrepreneurs, politicians, etc), they together can come together as a tribe to co-elevate the global consciousness and solve planetary problems.

And with 120+ leaders through 4 retreat journeys in the books and new (models of) businesses forming in the tribe,  they are onto something.

Watch the talk below and read the full summary here.


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