How ‘Getting Lost on Purpose’ Can Help You Find Your Greater Fulfilling Purpose [Video]

1heart CEO & Co-Founder Brandon Evans is a serial entrepreneur who previously built two companies valued at over $100M, but after experiencing what he describes as a spiritual awakening, his focus has shifted dramatically and led him to birth 1heart!

Our mission to foster a new generation of heart-led leaders who are birthing conscious companies, ultimately using business as a force for good to transform lives and the planet.

In this episode on Leadership and Loyalty Podcast, watch Brandon dive in deep with Dov Baron about:

  • Facing the dilemma of having all the success, yet realizing he was out of sync with his values
  • Facing the internal battle of letting go
  • How he (and many other leaders) try to do the inner journey of self-discovery and fail (until they don’t)
  • Heart-led leadership
  • The viral article he wrote, titled: Lost on Purpose
  • What does it mean to be a conscious leader?
  • Is there a place for what some call “woo-woo” practices in leadership?
  • Getting fired by investors from the company he founded (after 3 straight years of 300%+ growth)
  • And so much more…
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