From Wharton to Hogwarts: Salman’s Story

Meet Salman, Our Journey Director

Below is the story of our Journey Director, Salman Hatta, originally released on Medium.

To label Salman as this or box him in as that does Salman a disservice. However, we’ll do our best to capture the powerful, magical, and transformational agent we know as Salman, DJ Shalman, Salmancito, or the Cat Herder.

Salman is someone who wears many hats with 1heart, literally. He first joined 1heart on Journey 2 and now leads and supports numerous initiatives. From operations and logistics on Journey to transformational breathwork workshops as well as grounding & guidance to the first-timers throughout their preparation, Journeying, and integration phases, Salman’s perspective and wizardry impact much of the 1heart experience.

What follows are Salman’s own words about how he went from Wharton to Hogwarts. His story is a testament to what it means to suspend logic and invite magic. And like him, we hope you’re moved to feel something… new. Or maybe it’s as simple as acknowledging what’s always been there, waiting for your attention.


How I transmuted a logical life into a magical life, and 5 tips for how you can too

Hello! Thanks for reading about my journey. I hope it helps you on yours.

The roots of my conditioning

Wharton Graduation Day — 2014. It was a major achievement and got me closer to personal satisfaction. And it also won me more love from my parents.

Unraveling the old story of me

I got to move on from finance into tech companies. The collared shirts stayed on, but I was getting to play a little bit more.

The dawn of a new life after my first 1heart Journey

The dawn of a new life

This is me as a happy, healthy agent of transformation and joy

Everyone’s journey is different. How will yours unfold?

The Way Knows the Way

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