Ayahuasca Costa Rica: Our Coming Home

1heart has visited numerous world-class healing centers across Central America. However, a Costa Rica Ayahuasca Retreat Center (and home) has been something we’ve quietly been preparing to receive. And that time has finally come.

We’re thrilled to share that Kinkara’s Luxury Retreat in the Chirripó Mountain Range of Costa Rica has become our new home. This Ayahuasca Costa Rica wonderland is perfect for the way we’re serving our communities and the planet. Sitting in Costa Rica’s biodiverse Southern Zone, Kinkara is truly a one-of-a-kind experiential eco-luxury resort offering diverse activities, world-class farm-to-table meals, waterfalls, rivers, and jungle excursions, and of course, a maloka built in alignment with sacred geometry to hold 1heart’s ayahuasca retreats.


1heart’s Ayahuasca Retreat

At 1heart, we believe we don’t have to directly work with one million people to influence millions. That’s because we typically work with leaders, conscious creators & change-makers, ex-founders, and other high-performing business professionals. And by bringing together these groups of people and supporting them to make the move from being head-led to heart-lead with the help of ayahuasca, our powerful container, and this community, we watch the ripple of their benevolent changes impact their friends, family, co-workers, and strangers alike.


While we want to see people do their work, release deeply limiting beliefs or fears, and even face the energy of their trauma young or old, we also make it a point to support our guests to expand, elevate, and evolve. We mix deep healing with a focus on personal transformation to create a community of leaders making decisions with an eco-logical frame of heart rather than the long-standing ego-centric frame of mind.

What Makes 1heart’s Ayahuasca Ceremony Different?

One of the short answers to this question is Kinkara. Kinkara is unique in its staff, amenities, maloka, and location – all of which play into 1heart’s world-renowned container. So we’ll break down this word container in objective ways so you can be more informed and in subjective ways to answer the question posed in the header: What Makes 1heart’s Ayahuasca Ceremony Different?

You Might Be Wondering… What’s a Container?

The container your ayahuasca retreat creates and follows, while being flexible to the changes and individual needs of guests, is something vital to be aligned with before saying yes to your ayahuasca ceremonies.

A container in an ayahuasca retreat context = the physical environment + the programming or content + the community + the medicine people + the medicine + the supporting staff. AND we recognize this formula can and likely will evolve. Because all we’re doing here is coming up with our best theories and then debunking them moments, days, years, decades, or millennia later.

That said, each one of these pillars, or ingredients, plays a big role in contributing to the depth of transformation, reignition of passion, or spiritual healing people can experience when working within a sacred plant medicine ceremony.

The Physical Environment


The environment is where you find yourself in the world, from Costa Rica to Colombia to Portugal. It also includes the amenities you’ll have access to, like plush beds and meals, outdoor showers, trails, waterfalls, horseback riding, tree planting, and the like. These factors and more, support people feeling and knowing they can do their work in a safe and loving environment. And feeling safe and held with Love are core principles the best ayahuasca retreats live by.

Because without safety, the ability to surrender into the depths of an ayahuasca journey is compromised. And feeling safe also allows a person to work through their experience, whether it was Light or Dark or anything in between. Without safety, it’s harder for someone to remain open when the going gets tough. Because it will. Once you’ve drunk plant medicine, especially ayahuasca, it gets intense and it will get hard. So when that time comes, being able to take a breath and say “It’s okay. I’m safe here.” will make all the difference in how the medicine supports someone’s personal growth.

Kinkara’s environment was literally made for 1heart. Well, at least that’s what we believe. In fact, 1heart’s Journey 2 was the first-ever retreat Kinkara hosted five years ago in March of 2018. The images and words depicting all the beauty these lands hold don’t do this paradise justice. So come experience Kinkara for yourself.

The Programming or Content


We’re all being programmed. It’s inevitable. We’re all consuming information that influences how we think, behave, communicate, and express ourselves. So it’s best to soak in brain food that nourishes the mind to move authentically, at the pace of your own heart, to the beat of your own song.

And at 1heart, that’s exactly what we’ve done… develop content and programming that shifts or breaks old ways of thinking, playing small or afraid, and has us looking our fears in the eyes and being empowered to believe something different. We combine plant medicine ceremony with practical and grounded workshops to help our guests land their learnings in real-time and continue supporting their transformations even after they’ve touched down at home.

We offer all guests a 25-page Elevation Guide full of powerful prompts, exercises, resources, questions, and more to support these reframes well before a person has sat in their ayahuasca ceremony. And to go with that, we’ve created POWERFUL workshops that play off this preparation material to support you through your breakdowns and breakthroughs. It’s no wonder +95% of our guests have shared they’ve received life-changing breakthroughs. Because these transformations begin well before someone touches down in Costa Rica.

The Community


Who you sit next to is no accident. And the community you find yourself in follows suit. As you look to anchor into your decision to work with Amazonian plant medicine tea, being in a community of like-minded/hearted humans will support your healing exponentially. We can’t underestimate just how powerful of influences the people in your ayahuasca retreat become before, during, and after the ceremonies close.

At 1heart, we say two things. The first is that everyone comes in as strangers and leaves as family. The second is that once the third ayahuasca ceremony closes our community becomes the medicine. Being able to process, share, and integrate with people who speak the same language and remove the weird feelings/judgments or continuous explanations into ayahuasca visions and the like let you get right into deep healing and heart-felt sharing without all the surface-level preamble.

We believe we have one of the best communities in the world. It’s a mix of serious, high-performing business professionals that are also curious about their place in our culture and want to continue putting their best foot forward in business, with their families, and as they express themselves creatively.

The Medicine People


What happens when you bring together decades worth of plant medicine experience with decades of musical training and performing? You get 1heart’s medicine team.

Not only has our medicine team gone deep into their practice and craft to hold space with potent precision, they’ve also paired their world-class space-holding abilities with out-of-this-world musical performances. As June Cohen, founder of TED Talks and a 1heart alumni says, the medicine man with 1heart is a generational talent and a genuine man. There is simply no one like him on the planet.

Plus, our medicine team shares the altar with one another, which is very rare. These people come from diverse lineages and teachers, yet they’ve come together time and time again within 1heart to provide an experience no other ayahuasca retreat can replicate.

Soltara Healing Center, for example, works with Master Healers all coming from a Shipibo lineage. While the main medicine woman of 1heart works with this lineage, the other medicine woman comes from a Brazilian lineage.

The Medicine


You might be thinking… what medicine? Ayahuasca. The medicine and ayahuasca become synonymous at some point in someone’s healing journey. Because this Amazonian tea gets to the root of our psychological, energetic, and creative dis-stress, shines a light on this shackle, and supports someone in breaking free from their own self-constrained box, label, ceiling, or prison. So rather than being a drug, something people turn to for quick fixes and bandaids, medicine is something that quickly addresses the root of the symptom, rather than the surface-level symptom.

Typically the ayahuasca vine, chacruna leaves, and water are used to create ayahuasca tea. The vine influences our gut to allow the DMT from the leaves to be processed, thus, leading to visionary effects and intense physical sensations.

At 1heart, we don’t add anything else to our brew. It’s pure. These three ingredients. Some others might add other plants to induce more visions or vomiting. So make sure you ask how the medicine is prepared and what’s included in the medicine you’ll be sitting with.

The medicine is crucial to a container because, in a sense, it’s what creates the container. Ayahuasca is like the undercurrent of a river, the invisible force propelling the natural order of things to move in harmony. And whether harmony looks like a calm glassy surface reflecting the clouds and diamonds of sunshine or a rushing river we wouldn’t dare step foot into is content for another blog post.

The Supporting Staff


As one of the 1heart medicine men once shared, a ceremony is only as good as the people supporting the flow. While the ones behind the altar get most of the credit, it’s the staff in ceremony that allows for these experiences to keep their senses of safety, non-judgment, and immense transformation.

Typically, we bring six to eight staff members on every Journey to support our first-timers. The staff is responsible for getting people places on time, leading workshops, playing songs in ceremonies, supporting with integration, helping the medicine people as requested, walking people to the bathroom, and so on.

It’s these quiet heroes that play vital roles in creating a container that allows people to go deep, release what no longer serves them, and embody the gifts waiting to be remembered.

Ayahuasca in Costa Rica: Why’s It So Popular?

“By now, we’d bet you know someone who’s been to an ayahuasca retreat in Costa Rica. And as an organization that’s been hosting these sacred plant medicine ceremonies in Costa Rica for years, we’ve seen just how popular this powerful, clean, and sacred land has become to host an ayahuasca retreat.

Costa Rica is one of the few places known as a blue zone worldwide. This association means the area’s people are the happiest, healthiest, and have the longest life spans of people across the globe.

As you pair the peace and energy of this place, plus the ease of arriving at a Costa Rica ayahuasca retreat, with the power of the medicine itself, it’s no wonder this destination is becoming so popular.”


This came right from our article focused on the popularity of Ayahuasca Costa Rica. So if you want a deeper dive into this, head to this article.

But we can summarize the blog post for you below:

  • Ayahuasca retreats in Costa Rica are gaining popularity due to the easier access compared to other countries, allowing participants to approach the ceremonies with ease and readiness.
  • The natural beauty of the country, surrounded by mountains, oceans, lakes, rivers, and jungles, provides a transformative environment for relaxation and connection with nature.
  • Costa Rica’s ethos of “Pura Vida,” promoting a simple and pure life, creates a sense of safety, cleanliness, and high-vibrational energy that supports the alignment with empowering frequencies.
  • Additionally, Costa Rica’s developed infrastructure offers modern amenities such as eco-luxe accommodations, well-equipped retreat centers, and expansive food halls, eliminating the need to venture deep into the jungles for an ayahuasca experience

What You Should Consider While Researching Your Perfect Ayahuasca Retreat

Of course, no one should be telling you what you should and shouldn’t do. Because then we’d be shoulding all over the place and we don’t believe it’s our place to tell you what to do or how to think. We create exercises, prompts, and relationships that encourage independent thinks and creative doers. People willing to stand alone and think for themselves, rather than swallow prescribed information just because someone said so.


That said… we wrote a long article on our top 11 tips, framed as questions, worth considering as you vet ayahuasca retreats anywhere in the world, from Sacred Valley to Peru to the mountains or beaches of Costa Rica. And our list goes like this:

  1. Do they have a preparation program?
  2. What does their integration process look like?
  3. How was the on-site programming designed? What will you do outside of an ayahuasca ceremony?
  4. What goes into the curation of their guests? Is there an interview process or can anyone attend who meets the basic medical checklist?
  5. How are they nurturing their community of participants before, during, and after the retreat?
  6. Are they upfront about the reviews they’ve received? If you have to search hard to find what people are saying, don’t pass a blind eye to that.
  7. Do their accommodations make me feel at ease and safe?
  8. How long have their facilitators been doing this work? And what’s their relationship to their own healing journey?
  9. Are things done or put together with love and intentionality? Or is there a chaotic, random, indifferent air to the structure of the retreat?
  10. What roles do safety and integrity play in their retreat?
  11. How do they bring out the fun and playfulness in the group? Or are these expressions not allowed at this retreat?

Our Closing Ceremony on Costa Rica Ayahuasca

You could say we’re stoked to anchor into Kinkara. We have some powerful ideas coming to life as we say yes to this incredible opportunity. And we want you to be there with us as we continue to grow and evolve.

Because while there will be other ayahuasca retreats you could go to, we’ll leave you with a test, a piece of homework. Go look at their reviews and then remove anything tied to ayahuasca from the review. What’s left? We can’t tell you. That’s for you to discover.

What we can tell you about this exercise when done with 1heart reviews is that our alumni are singing their praises about a pristine location, top-notch musical performances, paradigm-shifting programming, a selfless staff of powerful people, incredible dieta-friendly meals, and a community to call family for the rest of your life.

Just like there’s no place like Kinkara, there’s no all-inclusive ayahuasca retreat like 1heart.


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What Does Ayahuasca Teach You?

Ayahuasca is a powerful Master Plant Teacher. To those who haven’t experienced ayahuasca, that might seem like something… unbelievable. So what does ayahuasca teach you? The short answer is anything you want that can truly last your entire life. The long answer is what will follow in this blog post.

While we’ll share common themes we’ve seen ayahuasca teach business leaders, conscious change makers, and ourselves, the list is endless. And ayahuasca can illuminate wisdom, visions, and healing beyond anything words can capture.

And this can happen at many of the ayahuasca retreats around the world, which typically hold multiple ayahuasca ceremonies, or all this illumination can happen in someone’s first ayahuasca ceremony. As the saying goes, to drink ayahuasca is like doing decades of talk therapy in one night.


What Is Ayahuasca?

Ayahuasca is a sacred plant medicine brew that has been used by indigenous people in the Amazon Basin for millennia. It’s also gaining popularity as a teacher and tool for personal development, therapeutic benefits, and an alternative healing experience in the modern world.

In a Western lens, the psychedelic substance of ayahuasca is the chacruna leaves. These contain DMT, which leads to the intense visionary states that can accompany an ayahuasca journey.

The ayahuasca vine contains harmine, harmaline, and other alkaloids that act as MAO inhibitors. These compounds are responsible for allowing DMT to become orally active when combined with the DMT-containing plants. Without the presence of the MAO inhibitors in the ayahuasca vine, the DMT would be broken down in the digestive system, resulting in no psychedelic effects.

The effects of ayahuasca can be deeply transformative and give people clarity into their lives and situations, but they can also bring up difficult or painful memories.

While some are looking to find their purpose, passion, or meaning, an ayahuasca trip supports others looking to heal post-traumatic stress disorder, a mental health disorder, unhealthy generational conditioning, or those looking to feel what it means to love themselves.

This means it’s important to choose an ayahuasca retreat that offers quality care and will support you through any potentially challenging effects of your experience with the ayahuasca tea.


What is an Ayahuasca Ceremony?

An ayahuasca ceremony is a traditional Amazonian practice that involves the consumption of a powerful psychedelic brew made from the ayahuasca vine and other plant ingredients. The ceremony is typically led by a shaman or experienced guide who creates a safe and supportive space for participants to explore their inner world and access deeper levels of consciousness.

During the ceremony, participants begin drinking ayahuasca and then lie down or sit comfortably as they begin to experience the effects of the plant medicine. Their ayahuasca experience can be intense and transformative, often involving vivid visual and auditory hallucinations, emotional breakthroughs, and profound insights into one’s life and purpose.

The ayahuasca shaman or guide, ranging from South America to Europe depending on their path, studies, and teachers, will also share medicine music or lead other rituals as a way of enhancing the experience and connecting with the spiritual realm.

Overall, an ayahuasca ceremony is a deeply personal and spiritual journey that can offer profound insights and teachings for those seeking personal growth, healing, and transformation. However, it is important to approach the experience with respect, intention, and a willingness to surrender to the process to fully benefit from the medicine’s teachings.


What Can Ayahuasca Teach You?

Ayahuasca, also known as the “vine of the soul,” has been used for centuries by indigenous people for medicinal and spiritual purposes. The plant medicine can offer profound insights and lessons to those who work with the medicine.

While some come from religious and spiritual purposes, we’ve also worked with people coming for professional, creative, and intimate purposes too. In all honestly, mother ayahuasca does a divine job at not only addressing what needs attention but also prioritizing these intentions in a way that meets a person right where they’re at.

Some say we’re spiritual beings having a human experience. And this means that if we are connected to that which knows all, call It/Them God, Creator, Creation, Source, Spirit, etc, etc, these teachings are better-called rememberings. Because we’re being reminded of that which we already know, but have forgotten. I genuinely wonder how often ayahuasca teaches us something new. So far, I haven’t gotten an answer but if I do, it’ll warrant a brand-new blog post.

However, this one is for what Ayahuasca can teach you and we’ve generated a list of 14 teachings. And we recognize what Ayahuasca teaches is truly infinite and incredibly subjective while planting seeds that simplify the core of the human condition.


  1. Self-Awareness: Ayahuasca can help you to become more aware of yourself, your thoughts, and your emotions. This increased self-awareness can help you to identify and release limiting beliefs and patterns, leading to personal growth and transformation.
  2. Forgiveness: Ayahuasca can facilitate forgiveness of yourself and others by helping you to see situations from a new perspective and release negative emotions that may be holding you back.
  3. Surrender: Ayahuasca can teach you the art of surrender, allowing you to release control of your entire body and trust in the process of healing you’re currently grappling with.
  4. Interconnectedness: Ayahuasca can help you to realize that all things are connected and that we are all part of a greater whole. This increased awareness can lead to a greater sense of compassion and empathy for others.
  5. Gratitude: Ayahuasca can teach you to appreciate the beauty and wonder of life, fostering a sense of gratitude for all that you have.
  6. Trust: Ayahuasca can help you to connect with a higher power, leading to a deeper sense of faith and belief in something greater than yourself.
  7. Healing: Ayahuasca can help you to release emotional and psychological traumas, allowing for deep healing and restoration of brain health, the body, and the spirit.
  8. Spirituality: Ayahuasca can facilitate a deeper connection to spirituality and a sense of purpose, helping you to align with your true self and live a more meaningful life.
  9. Creativity: Ayahuasca can unlock your creative potential, whether it’s through art, poetry, music, or dance. The plant medicine can inspire you to express yourself in new and authentic ways.
  10. Connection: Ayahuasca can help you to connect with your ancestral roots, providing a deeper understanding of your cultural heritage and a sense of belonging. Plus, you can be connected to Nature in ways that illuminate your purpose, feelings, and life in unexplainable ways.
  11. Presence: Ayahuasca can teach you to be present in the moment, helping you to let go of the past and the future and fully embrace the present moment.
  12. Surrender: Ayahuasca ceremonies often involve surrendering to the experience, allowing the medicine to take you on a journey. This can teach you a lot about the importance of surrendering control in your everyday life and being more open to the flow of the universe.
  13. Self-Discovery: Ayahuasca can help you connect with your true self and gain a deeper understanding of who you are and what you really want in life. Writing about this can help others who are struggling with self-discovery and finding their place in the world.
  14. Compassion: Ayahuasca can help you tap into a deep well of love and compassion for yourself and others. Writing about your experiences with ayahuasca and how it has taught you to be more loving and compassionate can inspire others to do the same.


The Closing Chapter on What Ayahuasca Can Teach You

Ayahuasca is a powerful plant medicine that can teach individuals a range of important lessons about themselves and the world around them. In fact, that’s why many come to Costa Rica hoping they’ll become enlightened about that blockage that’s causing all the dis-ease in their life. Spoiler alert: It’s rarely ever one thing and reaching that thing will invite you to do some of the most intense work of your life.

Oftentimes though, people leave with heightened senses of self-awareness and practicing forgiveness, surrendering to the interconnectedness of all things and cultivating gratitude and truth. Over and over, we see the teachings of ayahuasca being transformational and life-changing. Through the experience of healing and connecting with one’s spirituality, creativity can be unlocked in various forms, from art to music and dance, and individuals can also feel a deeper connection to their ancestors and to the present moment.

It’s important to remember that the journey with ayahuasca doesn’t end with the first ceremony or the last. Integration of the lessons learned during the ceremony is crucial for continued growth and healing. Integration can include practices such as meditation, journaling, therapy, and continuing to live a healthy lifestyle. When integrated properly, the teachings of ayahuasca can have a profound impact on one’s life, leading to a deeper understanding of oneself and the world, and ultimately, a more fulfilling and purposeful life.


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The Ayahuasca Diet: Nourishing The Body & Mind In Order To Nourish The Soul

The ayahuasca diet, also known as a dieta, is not meant to be hard. While the constraints and guide rails the ayahuasca diet places on a person’s life invite new relationships to discomfort and the Unknown, consider these things…

The first is that this is temporary (usually). It’s a commitment for 4-5 weeks of your life that will support you immensely as you get ready to sit in your ayahuasca ceremony or ayahuasca retreat. Usually, because some people feel SO GOOD they decide to stick with the core dieta constraints for weeks, months, or years following their first ayahuasca cermeony.

Second, this dieta isn’t just about cutting out certain foods, like fried foods, fermented foods, spicy foods, energy drinks, protein powders, dairy, red meat, and so on, it’s also about limiting or removing certain kinds of behaviors too. One of the most eyebrow-raising behaviors is sexual activity. There’s no sex before, during, and ideally immediately after an ayahuasca experience. More on this later.

Third, beyond the time commitment and food and behavior restrictions, the sooner you commit to this physical and mental preparation, whether you’re a cold turkey-er or slowly wean-er offer, the better your mind, body, and soul will be to receive the ayahuasca brew.

So by saying yes to ayahuasca, you say yes to the ayahuasca diet. And again, it’s not meant to be a hard, super strict diet. And yet for some, it’s terrifying… “What do you mean no caffeine???” and for others, it’s as easy as cutting out a few foods and habits without much change to their routine and lifestyle.


Some 101’s on the this Dieta

The ayahuasca diet helps cleanse your physical and energetic bodies so that the medicine has less cleansing it needs to do and can instead get to work more quickly.

We’ll cover the timeline, some science behind this dieta, the spirit of showing up, and then certain foods, drugs, and behaviors to cut for the most favorable plant medicine transformations.

The Timeline of a Dieta:

  • Your dieta should ideally begin 14 days before your first ceremony
  • At a minimum, the dieta should last seven days before your ayahuasca experience

The Science of the Dieta and Anti-Depressants:

  • The ayahuasca vine contains a monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI) that allows the medicine to work. However, some foods contain high amounts of the amino acid tyramine, which is processed by the enzyme monoamine oxidase (MAO).
  • This absence of MAO prevents the body from processing tyramine, so it’s important to refrain from eating foods high in this amino acid — otherwise, your body could reach high levels of tyramine that cause headaches or hypertension.
  • Currently, you should not be on any anti-depressants, including MAOIs and SSRIs. If you are or recently have been on any of these medications, please be sure to let us, or those you’ll be sitting with, know immediately.

The Spirit of the Dieta:

  • Showing up for your ayahuasca diet shows respect for the medicine and the powerful work you plan to do. It’s important to show that you are serious about what you want and willing to honor your body and the medicine to make it happen.
  • If you don’t adhere to any of these, medicine people can refuse to serve you as you become a danger to yourself, the container, and the people serving the medicine.

The sooner you can begin, like a month prior, for example, the more you can clear from your body and mind.


The Foods to Be Aware of on The Ayahuasca Dieta

Different traditions have slightly different takes on what you can and can’t eat before, during, and after your ayahuasca ceremonies.

Here are some common foods to avoid on this dieta:

  • Alcohol
  • Caffeine (coffee, tea, energy drinks)
  • Processed or packaged foods
  • Foods high in salt, sugar, or artificial additives
  • Red meat and pork
  • Overripe fruits, like bananas and avocado
  • Fermented or aged foods (including some tofu, pickles, kombucha, tempeh, and soy sauce)
  • Spicy or heavily seasoned foods
  • Dairy products (milk, cheese, yogurt)
  • Fried or greasy foods
  • Liquid and powder protein supplements
  • Brewer’s yeast and yeast supplements
  • Chocolate in large quantities
  • Peanuts in large quantities

Here are some common foods to limit:

  • Certain fresh fruits, like citrus, pineapple, and mangoes
  • Tomatoes
  • Onions
  • Garlic
  • Honey

See? Not so bad…

And there’s this question, “Can you eat bread on ayahuasca?”

Yes, and it needs to be healthy, multi-grainy bread. Not sugar-saturated highly-processed white bread.

The whole idea of the dieta is to make healthy choices where what’s healthy has been pre-defined and prescribed.

The Behaviors and Drugs to Cut on The Ayahuasca Dieta

Like the above, different cultures have their own rules. However, what follows are common or core habits to cut out to reclaim your energy and protect yourself psychologically and physically.

  • Sexual activity (including the solo variety)
  • Recreational drugs (including marijuana)
  • Prescription drugs (check with facilitators on what’s okay and what isn’t)
  • High blood pressure medicine
  • Engaging energetically with people who may trigger you or not serve your highest self
  • Reading the news, which is often sensational, triggering, or stressful

As was written in our expansive guide on ayahuasca preparation, “Committing to a dieta is not easy. Putting constraints on your lifestyle invites a different degree of discipline. And, as you remove certain habits from your normal routine, you may notice the underlying conditioning that drives these routines to arise. And while it’s not always pretty, it can be very powerful.

As you start to say no to things you didn’t think twice about, you’ll get to see why you were reaching for your phone to scroll or grab that delicious but unhealthy snack aimlessly. As you bring an unconscious habit to light, you now get to make a choice. Do you do what you’ve always done because that’s what you do, or can you take back control and say no?

And as the author, futurist, filmmaker, fashion designer, and lead pastor at Mosaic, Erwin McManus said, “The most spiritual thing we can do is to choose.” Whether you choose to commit to the dieta will be known, felt, and observed not only by you but by the spirit of ayahuasca when the time comes to drink the medicine. By showing up for yourself in these challenging times, you’re also showing up for those you’ll be in ceremony with and for ayahuasca. So do yourself a favor and remained committed to the ayahuasca diet. You will be deeply grateful you did.”

So the more seriously you take the ayahuasca diet, the stronger your chance at quick and lasting transformation. Give the ayahuasca medicine less to move through and release and you’ll find yourself at the root of your intentions in what feels like no time at all.


There’s Another Kind Of… Dieta?

Yes. And this dieta includes dieting a Master Plant Teacher, or Plant Spirit, typically in the Amazon region, to receive their teachings. These are typically facilitated by a Master Healer that’s worked with their lineage of healers for generations.

And to take it a step further, this dieta is even more restricted and triggering than the one before going to an ayahuasca ceremony. Plus, there are legitimate, life-threatening consequences for crossing or breaking the rules of this dieta. The Plant Spirits of these Master Plants are not to be trifled with. Both the medicine people of 1heart and the Plant Spirits agree that signing up for an isolated dieta is like unlocking a whole new level of creativity, space holding, and realizing one’s potential.

A dieta is almost like a meditation retreat. Time alone, in solitude, contemplating and reflecting. However, a dieta adds in drinking ayahuasca while being able to be creative. Some meditation retreats don’t allow for reading, writing, singing, or those expressions. A dieta with the Inca-Shipibo lineage invites these expressions as they complement the introspective work with ayahuasca.

Closing The Curtains on the Ayahuasca Diet

While there’s a whole backstage pass to a dieta filled with Amazonian decor, our focus is on the ayahuasca diet you’ll commit to before sitting in any ayahuasca retreats.

Do not underestimate the power of committing to this diet. It will likely trigger you in new and old ways as you remove certain crutches from your life. When we can’t avoid an uncomfortable feeling with food or habits, we choose to face it. This is ayahuasca in a nutshell. Not really, but maybe.

Ayahuasca invites you to face things that are hard to look at so that you can look into the eyes of what’s holding you down or keeping you small, say thank you to this part of you, and let it go so something new and expansive can enter.


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A Detached Exploration of Ayahuasca Visions

What happens when you bring a group of visionaries together to work with one of Mother Earth’s most visionary teas and receive profound ayahuasca visions? We’ll leave that answer up to your imagination. The long answer is full of big words that hold bigger potential, like transformation, expansion, elevation, heart-centered leadership, and so on.

In short, that’s what we do at 1heart. The people we tend to serve are high-performing Type-A humans. They’re leaders, change-makers, entrepreneurs, ex-founders, current founders, mothers, fathers, siblings, and other driven conscious creators. These people have big dreams, and chances are, they’re well on their way to achieving them.

However, just like 1heart’s CEO learned the hard way, turning a dream, or a vision, into a reality can’t fill the spaces of meaning, fulfillment, self-worth, or self-love that many of us seek to nourish through external means.

But this isn’t a blog post about the potentially turbulent consequences attached to an illusory, external affirmation or achievement that brings to the creator’s life. If that’s what you’re looking for, head to Brandon’s original & viral thought-leadership article, Lost on Purpose.

Instead, this is content about the nature, as best we know it, of Ayahuasca visions. Ayahuasca visions presents Journeyers insights, personal significance, healing, and transformation. If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words are woven into an ayahuasca vision?

Unveiling the Ayahuasca Experience

Ayahuasca affects human consciousness and has the ability to induce altered states of consciousness or take someone on a Journey of vibrant memories, sensations, goals, and visions.

During these experiences, participants often encounter a diverse array of visionary experiences that can be incredibly intense and vivid. These visions can range from geometric patterns and vibrant colors to encounters with ancient spirits, mystical beings, ancestors, spirit animals, other beings from the spirit world, or even personal memories. Some even report experiencing a sense of transcendence, unity with the universe, and a profound connection to nature and the spiritual realm.

The Nature of Ayahuasca Visions

Ayahuasca visions can be highly subjective, deeply personal, and influenced by an individual’s unique psychological and emotional makeup.

As one of my teachers once shared, “Focus more on the feeling that came alive during the vision, rather than the fine details this vision articulated.”

The brew’s psychoactive compound, DMT (dimethyltryptamine), is responsible for inducing these visions by modulating serotonin receptors in the brain. And the DMT lives in the chacruna leaves, while the vine has MAO inhibitors that allow our bodies to process DMT and make this not-so-tasty tea priceless in a person’s path of self-realization and intrapersonal or generational healing.

Rain forest shamans, like powerful, reverent healers in the Amazon, have been using this psychoactive brew for thousands of years to induce visions that aid in their communities, families, and culture. In fact, a Colombian elder recently drank yagé, a different strain of ayahuasca, in the Amazon to help a group of government and indigenous rescuers find children that crash-landed and were stuck in the jungle for weeks.

The visions are often described as more real than reality itself as if opening a portal into the subconscious mind or spirit realm. They can be awe-inspiring, terrifying, enlightening, overwhelming, or deeply emotional, guiding individuals toward self-reflection and understanding.

Ayahuasca visions experienced in a safe and strong container can be the change that sets you off on a path of alignment, passion, and community. We’ve seen this time and time again. Because as we see the vast ecological destruction plaguing Mother Earth, it’s almost like the planet is telling us to wake up and get it together so we can work together to build a better world. Visions with this interconnectedness and planetary passion are common too and receiving something like this is one way to shake up your snowglobe.

The Significance Is Subjective

Ultimately, ayahuasca visions are intensely subjective. And it can take weeks, months, or years for that vision to land into a Journeyers reality and all of a sudden click.

This goes to another teaching on visions from a different teacher of mine who says “Visions are simply ideas for a direction.” It’s important not to get lost in the finest details of a vision and commit our life to bringing that exact vision to life. This teaching pairs well with the first because by focusing on the feeling of the vision, an integrated person will allow their feelings to pull them in the direction of this vision that lit a sacred fire in them.

When a person follows their feelings rather than a concrete vision, they become more flexible on their path. I’m sure this wasn’t in Kung Fu Panda, but I’m going to attribute them as the source… just imagine Grand Master Oogway or Master Shifu whispering wisely in your ear, “Be like bamboo. Strong and flexible.” Because those white-knuckling their perfect vision will eventually break when life or their vision asks them to bend one too many times.

Or the perfection of the vision becomes a like a Siren from Greek mythology. This vision becomes so alluring that it never takes on a life of its own. Someone tricks themselves so deeply that the fantasy of their vision is the only life it has. Don’t get caught up in the perfection of the past, even if it’s the most beautiful ayahuasca vision. You were given such a profound gift because you’re the one meant to bring it into the world.

For me, that’s the biggest difference between a vision and a fantasy. A fantasy is a perfect piece of my imagination that only I get to appreciate because it doesn’t have the legs to stand in reality, no matter how strong my mind makes it out to be. On the other hand, a vision is something that can be appreciated collectively. Because a vision can meet the tension of reality and hold its own. Visions crave to meet the physical nature of our reality. Fantasies, like shadows, can’t bear the light of day.

Decades of Therapy in One (or Some) Vision

Ayahuasca visions have the power to heal years or decades’ worth of psychological, energetic, or spiritual scar tissue in a handful of ceremonies. Think about that…

Let’s say someone’s deepest wound or core trauma – that energetic pattern that’s been keeping them small, makes them emotionally explosive, closed down, toxically driven, etc, etc for 10 years – becomes seen, felt, acknowledged, thanked, released, and transmuted into creative, healing energies and stories in three ayahuasca ceremonies. And the average ayahuasca ceremony lasts six hours. So that’s about 18 hours of DEEP work to heal something that’s riddled someone in toxic, and rationally safe ways for almost 88,000 hours.

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

― C.G. Jung

Eighteen hours of soul work with the Mother of all Medicines (AKA Ayahuasca) to unburden oneself from 88,000 hours of baggage, acting out, immense self-doubt, and a host of other not-so-great consequences of generational scar tissue… It’s no wonder many say one night with ayahuasca is like 10+ years of talk therapy. Sometimes I like to say drinking ayahuasca is like going to therapy with God while being coached by God all at the same time. It’s not easy work by any means, and yet there are few things as rewarding as the smile that meets someone’s face as an ayahuasca ceremony closes.

Potential Significance Within Ayahuasca Visions

The Ayahuasca experience is renowned for its potential to evoke profound and transformative visions. For those who embark on this sacred journey, the encounter with Ayahuasca visions can be a gateway to healing, spiritual awakening, expanded consciousness, and personal growth. These visions, often vivid and awe-inspiring, carry significant benefits that extend far beyond the duration of the ceremony.


  1. Healing and Emotional Release: Ayahuasca visions provide a unique opportunity for individuals to confront and address deep-seated emotional wounds, traumas, and unresolved issues. These visions can bring suppressed memories to the surface, allowing individuals to acknowledge and release pent-up emotions. By embracing and processing these emotions, individuals can experience profound healing, leading to a greater sense of emotional well-being and inner peace.
  2. Spiritual Awakening and Connection: Some visions can lead to a heightened sense of spiritual existence and connection to the divine. Participants may encounter spiritual beings, and ancestral energies, or experience a profound sense of unity with the universe. These experiences can awaken a deeper understanding of one’s purpose, foster a sense of interconnectedness with all living beings, and inspire a spiritual awakening that extends beyond the Ayahuasca ceremony.
  3. Expanded Consciousness and Insight: Visions induced by plant medicine can expand one’s consciousness, offering new perspectives and insights into life’s mysteries. They can challenge deeply ingrained beliefs, provide clarity on personal challenges, and offer guidance on life choices. By accessing these heightened states of consciousness, individuals gain a broader understanding of themselves and the world, leading to personal growth, self-reflection, and an increased capacity for empathy and compassion.
  4. Self-Exploration and Personal Growth: Ayahuasca visions invite individuals to delve deep into their psyche and explore the inner landscapes of their being. These visions can reveal patterns, behaviors, and aspects of the self that were previously hidden or overlooked. By shining a light on these aspects, individuals have an opportunity for self-reflection, self-discovery, and personal growth. Ayahuasca visions can help individuals identify areas for improvement, enhance self-awareness, and foster a greater sense of authenticity and alignment in life.
  5. Integration and Positive Life Changes: The insights gained from Ayahuasca visions are most impactful when integrated into everyday life. The profound experiences and revelations can inspire individuals to make positive changes in various aspects of their lives. Whether it’s improving relationships, pursuing new career paths, adopting healthier habits, or cultivating a deeper connection with nature, Ayahuasca visions can serve as catalysts for transformation and empower individuals to live more fulfilling and purposeful lives.

These powerful visions can allow a person to explore concepts related all throughout their life in what feels like a moment or two. This byproduct of ayahuasca can be immensely supportive of someone on their personal spiritual journey because, as shared earlier, these experiences allow for exponential growth opportunities in short spans of time.

However, if someone hangs on too tightly to the vision and struggles to ground these newfound and aligned feelings and transformative potentials into their day-to-day habits, visions turn into memories rather than new agreements.

Integration and Personal Growth

While Ayahuasca visions offer powerful experiences, the true impact lies in the integration and application of these insights into everyday life. Integration involves reflecting on the visions, exploring their meanings, and incorporating the lessons learned into personal growth and development. It is essential to work with experienced facilitators, therapists, or support groups to ensure a safe and supportive space for integration.

At 1heart, we’re building a team of integration specialists – from our medicine team to staff members – that can help a person make better sense of their ayahuasca experience and corresponding visions. That said, to be in this position to support someone in these tender moments following an ayahuasca ceremony takes years and years of personal work plus going on dietas to work with their remarkable plant teacher while learning from strong, light-bearing teachers.

That’s another thing to look out for when selecting your ayahuasca retreat… Do the medicine team and supporting staff feel like they’re working alongside you in that they’re also processing their own healing journey and developing themselves to be better communicators, students, and leaders? If there’s spiritual bypassing, don’t forgo that lack of integration. After all, no one is exempt from problems and doing their work, no matter how many ceremonies they’ve been in.

Ayahuasca Visions Alchemizing Into Visionary Art

A blog post on ayahuasca visions wouldn’t be complete without touching on visionary art, or transformation creative expressions born inside and outside of ayahuasca ceremonies.

A renowned South American Native shaman, Pablo Amaringo, is best known for his storied journey into the psychedelic realm which is captured in a book co-authored by himself and Luis Luna called, The Religious Iconography of a Peruvian Shaman. He was first brought into the Western world by Dennis McKenna and Luis Luna, who met Pablo in Peru while they were traveling and working on an ethnobotanical project. And as they say, the rest is history.

Pablo brought ayahuasca art to the mainstream, or at least to the culture of Westerners. He’s a Peruvian shaman whose artworks integrate plant teachers. And by working with the wisdom of these plant teachers, he’s able to articulate vivid psychedelic art without any words.

In fact, 1heart is lucky to work with our own visionary artist. She’s an ancient soul and a true force of nature with fascinating and authoritative work whose expressions turn into visionary art and powerful prayers in the form of songs. Her icaros were so powerful one Journey that the CEO of 1heart had to step out of the maloka for a breather.


The Closing Ceremony on Ayahuasca Visions

Ayahuasca visions have captivated the minds and hearts of individuals seeking profound experiences and personal growth. These visions can be both enchanting and challenging, unveiling hidden aspects of the psyche and guiding individuals towards healing, spiritual awakening, and expanded consciousness.

And it’s important not to get lost in these visions. Remember the feelings and head in a direction guided by those subtle sensations rather than a utopian vision.


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How Long Does Ayahuasca Last? A Comprehensive Guide for Journeyers

If you’re considering an ayahuasca retreat, ayahuasca ceremony, or are curious about the ayahuasca experience, you’re likely wondering how long does ayahuasca last? While the effects of ayahuasca vary depending on many factors, some being the dose, potency, age, & wisdom of the medicine & an individual’s metabolism.

Those who have worked with other psychedelic drugs, like psilocybin or LSD, can relate to the timeline of an ayahuasca experience.

Typically, a journey lasts 4-6 hours, where effects can begin to be felt in 20-60 minutes and peak after 1-2 hours. Occasionally, some people may journey for 8-10 hours while others may feel the effects of ayahuasca for 2-4 hours. It’s impossible to nail down the exact time ayahuasca comes on, peaks, and lasts, so take all this with a grain of salt. Once you’ve sat with Mother Ayahuasca, you’ll know how your body responds to the sacred psychoactive tea. 

In this post, we’ll explore the duration of ayahuasca experiences, including how long the effects typically last, what to expect during the different stages of the journey, and how to support yourself mentally and emotionally as you prepare for ayahuasca

What is Ayahuasca?

Ayahuasca is a sacred plant medicine brew that has been used by indigenous people in the Amazon Basin for millennia. It’s also gaining popularity as a teacher and tool for personal development, therapeutic benefits, and an alternative healing experience in the modern world.

In a Western lens, the psychedelic substance of ayahuasca is the chacruna leaves. These contain DMT, which leads to the intense visionary states that can accompany an ayahuasca trip. And the ayahuasca vine

The effects of ayahuasca can be deeply transformative and give people clarity into their lives and situations, but they can also bring up difficult or painful memories.

While some are looking to find their purpose, passion, or meaning, ayahuasca supports others looking to heal post-traumatic stress disorder, a mental health disorder, unhealthy generational conditioning, or those looking to feel what it means to love themselves.

This means it’s important to choose an ayahuasca retreat that offers quality care and will support you through any potentially challenging effects of your experience with the ayahuasca tea.

What Actually Influences How Long Ayahuasca Lasts?

Just like we can’t give you a definite here’s how long ayahuasca will last, we also won’t promise you that these things are the only things that influence the duration of your ayahuasca experience after consuming ayahuasca

That said, this list can give you a healthy understanding of factors you can & can’t control that may influence how long your ayahuasca experience can last.


  • Your own metabolism
  • Your experience with ayahuasca
  • The environment you drink the medicine in
  • Your dedication to following the ayahuasca diet
  • Your relationship to physical movement or exercise
  • The state of your mental, emotional, and spiritual health


  • The potency of the ayahuasca brews
  • The sensitivity you have to other plant medicines or recreational drugs
  • If other plants or additives are mixed into the tea 
    • At 1heart, our ayahuasca consists of three ingredients: the ayahuasca vine, chacruna leaves, and water

Every Ayahuasca Ceremony is Different

It’s important to remember that every ayahuasca ceremony is different; everyone will have their own personal experience during a collective ceremony. In some instances, the effects of the medicine may be lighter, and participants can more easily navigate the profundity of the experience throughout its duration and be in a dance, dialogue, or commune with the Spirit of the Medicine. 

Other times, the effects of ayahuasca are intense and overwhelming from start to finish. In these cases, people are often floored, literally & physically, as the medicine does its thing. For four to six to eight hours, a person is deep in the Medicine or feeling the Force of the Medicine. And it’s in these challenging ceremonies we get to learn about ourselves, release old patterns, and remember our most powerful, aligned gifts. 

So if you’re blood pressure rises, you go through temperature fluctuations, or find your head in a bucket or butt on a toilet, don’t worry! It’s all a part of your process and you’re being given an opportunity to connect with and release anxiety, doubt, fear, unworthiness and a host of other traits that have us playing small so you can learn how to be in a relationship with the beautiful bigness that lives inside of you.

Plus, when you participate in a good ayahuasca retreat, they (we) will guide you in navigating the ayahuasca experience to create powerful transformation both in the moment and well after the ceremony closes.

Other Ayahuasca Advice

You’re likely to experience sounds, colors, and sensations differently, from a heightened or, at times, foreign perspective. You will probably purge, also known as getting well. You can also become tearful or experience other purging effects, and sometimes you feel frightened, overwhelmed, or elated. 

You may find yourself reliving old experiences and seeing them in a new way, or gaining insights about yourself and the life you’ve been living. This part has the potential to stay with you for a long time.

No matter what you experience, all of these things will pass in a matter of moments or hours. Working with ayahuasca is a beautiful reminder of the Buddhist principles of impermanence. If you can remember and trust that whatever you’re seeing, feeling, or experiencing will pass, you can begin to surrender more deeply to whatever you’re going through because you trust that it can only last so long. 

And once this has passed, there’s nothing more refreshing than a conscious breath and the mantra of “I’m okay.”

The Duration of an Ayahuasca Experience

If you were hoping for a clear-cut answer, we can’t provide you with one. On average, these experiences last 4-6 hours. That’s a safe bet. HOWEVER, the Medicine has its own timing that does not always parallel our relationship to time, averages, and guestimates. 

What to Expect During the Different Stages of the Journey

Ayahuasca experiences are typically divided into three stages: the onset, the peak, and the afterglow. Here’s a breakdown to support a typical ayahuasca experience: 

  • Onset: This stage typically begins 20 to 60 minutes after your ayahuasca consumption. You may start to feel mild effects, such as nausea, dizziness, laziness, a sense of disorientation, a mild state of bliss, presence, and/or temperature changes. 
  • Peak: This is the most intense stage of the journey, which typically lasts for one to three hours. During this time, you may experience powerful visions, intense emotions, and a deep connection to yourself, Nature, humanity, and the universe.
  • Afterglow: As the effects of the medicine start to wear off, you may feel a sense of relief, relaxation, and contentment. This stage can last for several hours after the peak.

Someone that works with a different medicine once told me that every ceremony has a beginning, a middle, and an end. And that helped me trust that no matter how smoothly or bumpy the ride on ayahuasca airlines can be, there’s an end in sight, whether I can see it or not. 

Preparing Yourself for Ayahuasca Retreats

Preparing yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually for an ayahuasca journey is crucial for a lasting, positive experience. Here are some tips to help you prepare:

  1. Set an intention: Before your ceremony, take some time to reflect on why you’re seeking this experience and what you hope to gain from it.
  2. Follow the dieta: To prepare your body for the medicine, it’s important to follow the ayahuasca dieta, which typically involves abstaining from certain foods, substances, recreational drugs, and behaviors like sex for a period of time before the ceremony.
  3. Practice mindfulness: Leading up to your journey, try to cultivate a sense of mindfulness and presence in your everyday life. This can help you stay grounded during the experience and may look like meditation, breathwork, yoga, walks in nature, or writing. 
  4. Seek guidance from experienced friends you trust: At 1heart, 80% of our alumni are referrals. So having people in your support system that have experienced ayahuasca can be huge allies for you at any stage of your journey. Ask them questions with an open mind if you feel called. 
  5. Set aside time for integration: The people who set aside a few days after their ayahuasca ceremonies can more easily integrate their experiences into their daily lives. We’ve heard this time and time again… Those who set aside just 2-3 days can meet whatever they left or paused with a heightened sense of ease, awareness, and grace compared to those who rush back into their typical habits, routines, and work styles. 

Ayahuasca Can Last For The Rest Of Your Life

Whether ayahuasca lasts two hours or 10, knowing how long you’ve been working with the medicine can be hard. It can feel like lifetimes or minutes before the medicine keepers, the people sitting behind the altar leading the ceremony, begin closing the space. 

Some will be relieved to know the ceremony is coming to a close, others will still be so deep in their journey that they might not know the ceremony is closing, and others may feel sad this ending.

But that’s the thing, the ceremony never truly ends. If anything, the work has just begun, but we’ll save those stories and best practices for a different educational piece. 

In short, once you’ve sat or worked with ayahuasca, we might say ayahuasca lasts for the rest of your life. Because your relationship with La Madre, Mother Ayahuasca, or Oni, the genderless force of wisdom as the Shipibo people call ayahuasca, is just beginning. 

Ayahuasca users, pasajeros, Journeyers, passengers, Guests, or those taking ayahuasca, rather working with the medicine, truly have an ally for life, whether or not you’re in a maloca in Central or South America.

On your end, all it takes is a presence to work with the medicine outside of ceremony. Whether you’re present in a prayer, a song, a dance, a work of art, work for work’s sake, a walk in the park, a quiet moment with your eyes closed, or a million other things that can bring you into the moment, the Spirit of Ayahuasca dwells in presence. 

And then, there’s ayahuasca’s invitation to remember your relationship with the medicine. A shift you’ve been asking for in an important personal or professional relationship, an opportunity to start anew where you’ve been craving change, a snake swimming upstream, a beautiful chorus of birdsong, the way light shines on a particular surface in a unique moment, a chance to take on something BIG and aligned that seemingly came out of nowhere, ayahuasca is paying attention to you. 


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What To Know When Selecting Your First Ayahuasca Retreats | Our 11 Top Tips 

Ayahuasca is a powerful, sacred psychedelic tea that can transform a person’s life. It doesn’t matter if you’re Aaron Rodgers or someone far less famous; the Medicine of ayahuasca can remind you what it means to be the best version of yourself. 

But taken for the first time (or anytime) in a harmful or dangerous environment can leave someone worse off than when they entered their ayahuasca retreat. 

At 1heart, we’ve hosted over 500 conscious creators, leaders, and entrepreneurs in our transformational ayahuasca retreats over the last five years. We’ve even received 145+ 5-star reviews on WeTravel from our Guests.

Given our experience and successes in the ayahuasca retreat space, we felt called to share our top 11 tips you need to know when selecting your ayahuasca retreats. 

Brandon, the co-founder, leading an workshop on connection

1. Preparation Program

Ayahuasca preparation is a serious undertaking. And the organization facilitating your ayahuasca experience should support you in several ways before you’ve met each other in person or drank your first cup of sacred plant medicine.

“Chance favors only the prepared mind.” – Louis Pasteur


Bringing Everyone Together Before The Journey Begins


Some retreats might wait until the day before your first ayahuasca ceremony to bring everyone together. 

We believe the best ayahuasca retreats use technology to their advantage and begin creating these connections before meeting each other in person. Whether through Zoom or WhatsApp, building rapport with the people who you’ll be drinking Medicine with can support everyone’s process. 

Having at least one week, ideally, two, to get to know each other catalyzes the connections to come when you inevitably meet one another. 

Giving You The Tools To Elevate

At 1heart, we provide all of our Guests a 25-page elevation guide full of journal prompts, recommended resources, questions that a life coach might ask you, and support to better understand why you’ve come to our transformational ayahuasca retreat while meeting you right where you’re at. 

Drinking a cup of ayahuasca is a courageous act and not for the faint of heart. And the retreats that both challenge and support you to look in the mirror and get to the root of your nature set you up to heal deeper and leave lighter. 

Tim, a co-founder, leading intention setting before the final ayahuasca ceremony

Creating Space To Set & Share Intentions

Setting intentions is an empowering practice that gives you a sense of clarity as you prepare for ayahuasca. 

Whether your group is 10 people or 40 people, being given support to set your intentions with different prompts or exercises and then having the space to share can give you empowerment for your own healing process and allow you to connect with your community before you’ve met in person creates a space of honesty, vulnerability, and trust.

Outlining The Importance Of The Ayahuasca Diet

An ayahuasca diet, also known as a dieta, are constraints to be placed within your life. These constraints impact the food and drinks you’ll consume, any medications you may be taking, and certain habits you’re expressing. 

Following the dieta in preparation for your ayahuasca retreat helps you lay the groundwork for this powerful experience, demonstrates respect and commitment to yourself and your healing, and prepares your body to receive Medicine. Dedicating yourself to the ayahuasca diet can also lessen the amount of cleansing needed in the ceremony so the healing work can unfold more easily. 

We give our Journeyers an outline of why a dieta is important, foods and behaviors to curb, and delicious recipes shared by our alumni and Food Network Champion, Palak Patel. We also ensure to screen our guests intently and intentionally, which we’ll cover more in tip #4.

Questions To Consider Asking:

  • How long do I need to follow an ayahuasca diet?
  • Do I have to follow the dieta after the in person experiences are over?
  • What type of resources do you provide to support your Guests?
  • How do you begin connecting people or building a sense of community digitally? 
  • I’m not sure what my intentions are, do you experience this often? 
  • Can I have too many or too few intentions? 


2. Integration Program

Integration is everything. It’s how we turn altered states into altered traits. Whether it’s ayahuasca, magic mushrooms, or a different psychedelic medicine, if there isn’t a program to cement your new learnings received in your experience, these peak states become fleeting experiences. 

And integrating these profound teachings into our day-to-day doesn’t happen overnight. It takes weeks, months, and, oftentimes, years. 


“Integration is a basic law of life; when we resist it, disintegration is the natural result, both inside and outside of us. Thus we come to the concept of harmony through integration.” – Norman Cousins



Ideally, an ayahuasca healing retreat offers you at least 2-3 weeks of integration. We give each of our Journeyers 5-weeks of integration. And just like in the preparatory process, the more you show up in these sensitive, transformative times, the easier it becomes to bring empowerment and beauty into your everyday life.


A special case for integration can be found through Temple of the Way of Light, as they’re in the process of creating a 3-month aftercare program for all of their guests. 


Questions To Consider Asking:

  • Why is integration so important to an ayahuasca experience?
  • What makes your integration different from other ayahuasca retreats? 
  • How do you assist people in integrating after the retreat? Can you explain how your integration program is setup?
  • Why do you think integration gets overlooked when experiencing any psychedelic medicine?
  • What’s the most important part of integration for an individual? 

Marie facilitating the woman's workshop

3. Designed Transformational Programming On Retreat

While ayahuasca ceremonies are potent and profound, the programming outside of these ceremonies, while you’re on your retreat, can’t be understated. 

Each holistic sanctuary offers different programming. For example, Lotus Vine Journeys combines ayahuasca and Buddhism, so there’s time to meditate and workshops to deepen one’s understanding of this ancient way of life. 

At 1heart, we serve leaders, creators, entrepreneurs, and change-makers and create workshops encouraging the impact our Guests are making in the world to shift more toward being guided by the heart rather than always being led by the head. 

Common programming can include breathwork sessions, envisioning workshops, integration and sharing circles with the Maestra and/or Maestro present, mindful movement – like yoga classes or bodyweight workouts, cacao ceremonies, singing circles, and other intentional, compassionate, and transformative healing activities. 

Group yoga to start one of the mornings during J12

Questions To Consider Asking:

  • What are your favorite experiences outside of the ayahuasca ceremony? 
  • What other opportunities for deep breakthroughs and integration are included on your retreat?
  • What programming have past Guests found the most challenging? And why do you think that’s the case?
  • Will we be doing any excursions in nature? 


4. Curation of Guests

The people you find yourself next to before, during, and after your ayahuasca retreat is a crucial element. Make sure you can speak with the provider, facilitator, or someone associated with the retreat before finalizing your booking. If it’s all online, anyone could be sitting next to you in the ayahuasca ceremony rather than individuals who have been vetted and screened in in-depth ways by the organization.

Most ayahuasca retreats allow anyone to join who’s met the basic medical conditions. Make sure you choose a retreat that does in-depth screening to ensure your physical, psychological, and spiritual well-being.

This in-depth screening is the norm at our transformational ayahuasca retreat. Every person who applies is interviewed by one of our co-founders. 

1heart’s focus has been on creating community and bringing together heard-led souls looking to make a positive impact in the world. Imagine how powerful it is to have a group fully supporting one another before, during, and after these powerful ayahuasca experiences. 

For people who are looking for a retreat with a deeper collective intention and like-hearted souls, make sure to pay attention to the ayahuasca retreat’s application and/or interview process. 

Ask this organization how people join their retreats or how most people find their unique ayahuasca experience. 

For 1heart’s ayahuasca retreats, over 80% of the people who find us are referrals. That means most come to 1heart are already pre-curated by our community and are recommending those they love to journey deeper with 1heart. 

Questions To Consider Asking:

  • How do people find your ayahuasca retreat? 
  • What do you do to determine if someone’s the right fit for your retreat? 
  • How do you nurture your community before and after this experience?
  • Can you share a memorable experience of the community supporting an individual?

J15 enjoying time together outside of their ayahuasca experiences

5. Continued Community Nurturing

Time and time again, we’ve seen our community be as potent as the medicine of mother ayahuasca. How an organization brings together their community before, during, and after is crucial. 

This is where the programming on retreats plays a huge role. It sets a foundation for people to connect. Often at ayahuasca retreats, people share things with each other that they haven’t shared with friends or family they’ve known for decades. These connections can happen in a workshop or over lunch. No matter where they happen, what’s important is your ayahuasca retreat creates space to deeply connect with the community you’ve found yourself in. 

And after the ceremonies have closed and everyone goes back to their respective lives, how the organization facilitates community building signals how much (or little) they care about maintaining these bonds. 

Questions To Consider Asking:

  • How have you cultivated a sense of community after the in-person retreat ends? 
  • Why is community important when participating in an ayahuasca retreat?
  • How to begin creating a community before the in-person retreat?


6. Hundreds of Consistent Raving Testimonials 

Most of us look to reviews before investing in a service, product, or anything else. The same should hold true when vetting your ayahuasca retreat. 

If an organization isn’t openly displaying testimonials from their Guests, that’s something to take note of. If there isn’t much or any information out there about a specific retreat, that’s also information. You shouldn’t have to work hard to learn what past Guests have to say about their experience with an ayahuasca retreat. 

Naim Hamdar's review of his 1heart ayahuasca experience

We aren’t the only ones transparent about alumni testimonials. Ayahuasca Foundation and Behold Retreats are two other ayahuasca retreat centers that are upfront about reviews for their Guests. 

We’ve had over 145 5-star reviews from our alumni. It’s one of the first things you’ll see on our homepage. So don’t just take our word for 1heart being one of the best ayahuasca retreats for conscious creators and leaders; go check out the reviews our Journeyers have left or first-hand ayahuasca experience stories from alumni featured on our podcast

And you’ll learn that many of these people have been to many other transformational retreats, whether the offering is tied to yoga, meditation, medicinal plants, or otherwise, 1heart sits at the top of the transformational retreats our people have found themselves in. 

Questions To Consider Asking:

  • Where can I find some reviews from past Guests?
  • Can you connect me to a person or two who’s been on your ayahuasca retreat?


7. Beautiful Accommodations

As the modern world meets the medicine of ayahuasca, this aspect of ayahuasca retreats is becoming more common and expected. Most retreat centers display their plant medicine campuses front and center either on their website or social media pages.The Maloca for ayahuasca retreats tucked away in the mountains of Costa Rica

However, it’s important to note that most smaller organizations aren’t financially able to invest in physical safety. It’s worth spending a little more for something that makes you feel physically comfortable. Having peace of mind about your physical environment as you integrate your experience will have your future self thanking us later. 

Central and South America are spoiled with properties tucked away in mountains, surrounded by lush and beautiful forests, or even right next to the South Pacific. 

And not only does the quality of the area matter, but so does the quality of the food you’ll eat. Since you’ll still adhere to the ayahuasca diet, ensuring that this place serves healthy, wholesome, and ideally delicious meals is significant.

However, not every ayahuasca retreat can boast holding these ceremonies in the blue zone of Costa Rica. 1heart can. 

Questions To Consider Asking:

  • Why did you pick this location?
  • How many times have you hosted an ayahuasca retreat here?
  • What pieces of nature is this accommodation close to?
  • If applicable – Will the meals be vegan or vegetarian-friendly?


8. Reverence & Experience

Having the responsibility of serving someone a cup of ayahuasca is no small feat. Medicine people, healers, and facilitators typically have undergone numerous apprenticeships, extended isolated periods in the Amazon, and decades of experience sitting with and learning from this ancient, shamanic brew. 

The path a person takes to sit at an altar, serve someone ayahuasca, and facilitate the ceremony demands responsibility, reverence, compassion, and strength. And you’ll want to be guided by those who continue to have a lightness of being and sparkle in their eyes. 

You want someone you believe has a breadth of experience in this work, supports and guides your mental and emotional evolutions, and emphasizes healing in various forms – because not even ayahuasca is a panacea. 

Important still are the people who won’t serve you ayahuasca but can be the first people to be at your side when you need help. The strong yet light-hearted nature of the medicine person or people trickles down to those who are there to be of service during the ceremony. Not all ayahuasca retreats will have additional people solely focused on being there for you or someone else as you go through your ayahuasca journey. 

Ayahuasca isn’t all light and loving, though. This sacred medicine can give a person power, and what a person does with that power is up to them. Unfortunately, not all facilitators have your best interests at heart. While someone may be indifferent to who you are, the experiences you’ve had, and the questions you’ll ask – which can be a challenge in and of itself – others may be looking to cause harm emotionally, energetically, spiritually, or even physically. 

Medicine people with harmful and dangerous intentions are real, and the last thing you want to do is find yourself in their ayahuasca ceremony drinking their medicine. Aubrey Marcus once shared that if you are in this situation – not feeling good about the setting, the facilitators, or other variables, and haven’t drank Medicine, trust your feelings and live to learn another day. You have a lifetime to experience ayahuasca and it’s best to do it with facilitators who genuinely care about you, want to hear about your experiences, and have your best interests at heart. 

The Soltara Healing Center does a great job not only displaying their medicine team but also highlighting the people behind the scenes who are supporting their mission. 

We encourage you to speak to friends and family, or even connect with people on social media who have experienced a specific ayahuasca retreat. Connecting with these people can give you a better understanding of how the leaders of this retreat actually carry themselves and hold this sacred space.

Questions To Consider Asking:

  • Can you share a page where I can learn more about your team?
  • How many people will make up the medicine team or will be sitting at the altar?
  • How long have they been serving or working with ayahuasca? 
  • How many people will be there in service to the group? 
  • And what’s their experience level with supporting ayahuasca retreats?

Leaders from J2 enjoying each other's company

9. Leading With Love

Choosing a place that you believe can serve your individual needs is essential. If you have to wonder if the leaders have taken the time to get to know and understand you after having met them, again, proceed with caution. We don’t want you to find yourself at a take-it-or-leave-it ayahuasca retreat.

In everything a retreat does, we believe there needs to be an undercurrent of love and intentionality. Whether it’s intertwined with the on-retreat programming, meals being made, hanging out on the land, preparation and integration offerings, or however else the organization and people behind it express themselves, the love needs to be felt. 

You may have heard about love being the secret ingredient to grandma’s cooking. The same holds true in an ayahuasca retreat. You should be able to feel the love in everything they do, why they do it, and how it’s done. 

Another common expression for someone who has experienced ayahuasca, or many other forms of psychedelic medicines is just how important love is in everything we experience. 

When we open ourselves up with these medicines to high degrees of vulnerability and sensitivity to support our healing, we recognize how powerful and transformative the energy of love is. You’ll want to make sure those leading you inside and outside of your ayahuasca retreat embody that honest sense of love, integrity, respect, and reverence for the work they’ve done and get to do. 

You’ll want to select a retreat that supports your subjective experiences or at least feels aligned psychologically, philosophically, cosmologically, and/or energetically. The energy of the retreat, participants, ceremony leaders, and supporters will have a profound impact on your ayahuasca experience. 

Spirit Vine Retreats in Brazil like to combine meditative, yogic, and creative workshops during their ayahuasca retreats. And with 1heart, workshops we share with love include mindful movements, breathwork, sweat lodges, ecstatic dance, and other surprise offerings. 

Questions To Consider Asking:

  • Why do you do what you do? 
  • Do you love what you do? 
  • Do you have any workshops that focus on love? 
  • What have you been most intentional about as you’ve grown? 


10. Safe Container with Integrity

If you don’t feel safe in your sacred plant medicine ceremony, being able to completely surrender to do deep, healing, loving work becomes a serious challenge. 

But when an ayahuasca retreat values safety and integrity above all else, you can trust you’re in good hands. It makes it easier to surrender to the power of the Medicine and do your work. You can know in your mind and feel in your heart that you are held, you are seen, you are loved, you are heard, and you are valued. 

Because chances are, your ayahuasca experience will feel overwhelming. And this feeling, experience, or sensation isn’t good or bad, it just is… overwhelming. Remember, drinking ayahuasca and doing this deep, deep work is not for the faint of heart. It takes a courageous person to show up and choose to have these experiences.

So when the going gets tough, hard, sad, painful, uncertain, maybe even scary, being able to know in your bones that you’re safe offers you support beyond words.  

Questions To Consider Asking:

  • What are things you do to ensure the safety of your Guests?
  • What does integrity look like during your ayahuasca ceremony? 
  • Have you ever experienced an ayahuasca ceremony of yours become messy? If so, how have you, the facilitators, or the medicine team handled this experience? 
  • When an ayahuasca ceremony becomes disorganized, how has your team of facilitators responded?


11. Fun and Play

Our audience is leaders, creators, entrepreneurs, and change-makers; type A personalities who are making impacts in their communities and industries but all too often aren’t fulfilled with the work they’re doing or why they’re doing it. 

Many plant medicines and psychedelic medicines remind us to have more fun, experience more joy, and find ways to play more often in our lives. These Medicines often bring our Child to the surface. How do we encourage collective and individual fun and play? With beautiful excursions into nature, ecstatic dances, a closing costume part, and many other surprises you can only experience on Journey. 

When we stop taking ourselves and our work SO seriously, our work can become better and our free time becomes more creative. We’ve seen it time and time and time again. If you want an example of this, listen to our podcast with Alex Maceda. She was a Standford MBA Silicon Valley Exec who now works and plays as an abstract artist. She went from being burnt out and depressed to living a life full of color, creativity, and financial abundance.

How your ayahuasca retreat cultivates fun, play, and creativity can bring you back to skills and joy you might not have expressed since your earliest days. 

Questions To Consider Asking:

  • How do you encourage fun and play while on your retreats?
  • How do your foster creativity in these in-person ayahuasca retreats?
  • How do you continue promoting fun, play, or creativity after the in-person experiences are over?


Our Closing Ceremony On Selecting Ayahuasca Retreats:

Choosing your ayahuasca retreat can be one of the most important decisions of your life, whether it’s your first time or fifth. 

There are many things to look out for and ask questions about. An intentional and prolonged preparatory and integrative process might be the most important piece. 

But things like loving leaders, on retreat programming, and safety and integrity mustn’t be overlooked either. 

We built this list of our top 11 tips because we’ve embodied each for years. So if you’re feeling the call or the draw to experience an ayahuasca retreat, look no further than 1heart. 

Apply for our next transformational ayahuasca retreat in Costa Rica


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Aaron Rodgers’ Ayahuasca Interview: How Ayahuasca Elevated His Game & Accelerated His Personal Transformation

Aaron Rodgers’ Ayahuasca Interview with Aubrey Marcus

Aaron RodgersAyahuasca interview with Aubrey Marcus continues to be a powerful talking point in the world of sports, personal development, and psychedelic plant medicine. In that interview, Aaron shares how he was able to attain freedom from narratives around himself and negative self-talk in order to feel unconditional self-love. And to better model unconditional love, he sat with the sacred psychedelic tea, Ayahuasca, which contains the hallucinogenic drug DMT.

Aaron, Aubrey, and Vylana

Aaron, Aubrey, and Vylana

When people in the public eye, like Aaron, step up to share their life-changing experiences with sacred plant medicine, they are helping to remove major stigmas. These myths and naive narratives are seriously unjust to powerful medicines like Ayahuasca. We applaud the superstar quarterback from the Green Bay Packers for stepping forward and sharing his message.

Mental health challenges and the struggle to find self-love are far too prevalent in our modern society. In our own work bringing high-performing  leaders, entrepreneurs, and creators on 1heart Journeys, we have found that self-love, stress, and depression are especially present even in those perceived as “successful.” Self-love and personal peace are not found through achievements; rather, chasing achievements often is at the expense of these core tenants for basic goodness.

Below is our brief summary of Aaron’s beautiful self-love and medicine journey that allowed him to show up in life and on the field as someone who can love and care unconditionally. As the Superbowl-winning quarterback shares, his experience with Ayahuasca was before his back-to-back MVP seasons.

“I came back and knew that I was never going to be the same. It gave me a deep and meaningful appreciation for life. My intention for going in was that I wanted to see what pure love feels like. And I did. I had a magical experience with the sensation of feeling 100 different hands on my body and imparting a blessing of love and forgiveness for myself and gratitude for this life from what seemed to be my ancestors… I really felt like that set me on my course to be able to go back into my job and have a different perspective on things, and to be a lot more free at work as a leader, as a teammate, as a friend, as a lover. And I really feel like that experience paved the way to have the best season of my career.” – Aaron Rodgers


Aaron’s Background 

Aaron Charles Rodgers is among the best American football players in NFL history. He’s the Green Bay Packers quarterback, league MVP, and an NFL record holder in multiple categories. From passing yardage to single-season franchise records to earned NFC offensive player awards or even four straight games to a playoff game or a regular season game, Aaron has been one of the very best for consecutive seasons and definitely in franchise history.

Aaron receiving his 4th NFL MVP Award

Born in California on December 2, 1983, Rodgers is second on the NFL’s all-time regular-season career passer rating list. At 38 years old, he´s considered by many sportscasters and players to be one of the greatest and most talented quarterbacks of all time. He´s been a Super Bowl champion, a Super Bowl MVP, and has been a four-time NFL Most Valuable Player (2011, 2014, 2020, 2021).

And most recently, he’s been in the news for dating one of Aubrey Marcus’ past podcast guests, Blu. Aaron Rodgers’ new girlfriend came after his split with Shailene Woodley. Blu, podcast host of Deja Blu, is referred to as a pristine reservoir of consciousness from which people yearning for purity, relief, and love can take a sip.


Coming into Self-Love & Modeling Unconditional Love

In his interview with Aubrey, Aaron reflects on how, despite all his personal achievements and successful career, he still struggled with self-criticism, doubt, feelings of not being enough, and not being worthy of being loved. These feelings crumbled after three Ayahuasca ceremonies in South America, and deep self-love, gratitude, and compassion were born in their place.

Below details more of his process from self-doubt into complete self-love, but to really fully understand what he went through, we highly recommend listening to the interview here:


Aaron’s Ayahuasca Journey

Aaron describes entering his first Ayahuasca ceremony (the first of three ceremonies during a 1-week retreat) with so many intentions and expectations. Instead, the plant medicine took him down a completely different path, which was about ego death. All of his self-criticism was brought to light, and the medicine helped him realize that he couldn’t accomplish his other intentions until he realized these feelings of unworthiness he had buried deep inside and began to love himself unconditionally.

The Packers quarterback had a very challenging night in which he had to sit with these feelings and the worst self-talk, which culminated in a realization that people still loved him during his lowest (including his interviewer Aubrey who was sitting in ceremony with him at that moment), and how if these people could still love him, he SHOULD be able to love himself. He had a profound feeling of acceptance and love during that night.

And as Aaron shares, he went into his second ceremony completely ready to surrender, without intentions or expectations, and just let whatever needed to come through happen. This night, he received many revelations about his past, present, and future lives, and many questions were answered. He enjoyed the highest bliss possible that he could have imagined.

“To be alive is to feel all the emotion, not just the highs and joys, but also sadness, frustration… and the depth of all these emotions is to be alive”  – Aaron Rodgers


The third night was again accompanied by a greater challenge, similar to the first night. He describes how he sat in his process of grieving his past life (as he knew it) and going through a rebirth into a new trajectory. He sat with that for hours and finally enjoyed a Costa Rican sunrise as a metaphor for the rise of his new self.

Aubrey and Aaron share very intimate moments of breakthroughs during their Ayahuasca ceremony but also in their everyday lives. They grasp the challenges men go through with upbringings that show them to repress emotions and how they have been able to deal with these shadows and transform them in a way that they now can live in reverence for the feminine aspects and qualities of life as well.

Aaron in South America with his tattoo artist

Aaron Rodgers Talks Ayahuasca On The Pat Macafee Show

Aubrey wasn’t the only one lucky enough to dive into Aaron’s Ayahuasca journey. On the Pat Macafee Show, Aaron went on a short tangent after Pat used the word ‘drug’ to frame Ayahuasca. He said, “Putting the tag drug on them is a manipulative word that creates a bias against those specific things, and it happens all over society. Think about the word fat and sugar. Fat brings an image of unhealthiness and maybe obesity, but sugar is sweet, kind, loving. We have these two words that couldn’t be more opposite. High-fat foods are usually pretty good for you. High sugar is terrible for you.”

Then the Packers’ quarterback added: “Drugs – you start labeling marijuana a drug, which is a plant. You label ayahuasca a drug, which is a plant. Then you think about medicine. ‘I’m going to take my daily aspirin’; that’s a drug. ‘I’m gonna take my cough medicine; that’s a drug’. Those are drugs. Ayahuasca is not a drug. It has properties in it that have hallucinogenic abilities, but it’s not a drug. We’re talking about plants here. This is how words are used to create a bias in our society. Those biases create fears and those fears prevent people from doing their own research or having their own idea and truth in a situation.”


The Greatest Gift Felt Mid-Game?

However, the Pat Macafee Show wasn’t the only place the Green Bay Packers quarterback spoke about his use of Ayahuasca. Aaron wanted to ensure the wrong message wasn’t being sent after the Bears game and the Ayahuasca-themed touchdown led by Allen Lazard. He went on to say, “You’re not standing up drinking, having this Jesus revival, slaying in the spirit. It’s not like that. You don’t have some immediate pass out into oblivion.” He did say that after taking Ayahuasca, “you have some incredible reactions,” and later joked that on the field, maybe “the medicine just started spinning up inside me” again after the celebration.

He also shared that should he feel called again, he’d sit with the medicine. The Packers’ four-time MVP quarterback later said, “it’s more of an intuitive feeling” that someone knows when it’s time to “sit with the medicine again.” “Once you sat with the medicine one time you kind of know what that feeling is that more lessons to be learned. … Some people sit 100 straight days and still feel called years and years down the road to keep on doing it. I had such a beautiful experience I’m pretty certain it won’t be my last.”



It is incredibly refreshing to listen to two successful leaders open their hearts, share their vulnerability, and show their appreciation for each other. One of the most interesting points that arose is a common theme at 1heart: how we approach our careers and lives after taking these sacred medicines. Many often fear that they will leave their work and the life they’ve built. What is beautiful about both Aaron and Aubrey is how the medicine supported them in taking their careers to the next level.

Aaron won two back-to-back MVPs in 2020 and 2021 directly following his experience. Aubrey saw in his ceremonies many years ago where he would take his business Onnit and has since seen that plan and success realized. When we’re aligned in mind, body, heart, and soul Ayahuasca reinforces that path we’re on. Whereas if we’re misaligned, not feeding our souls, deeply confused, or psychologically heavy about what we’re doing, this medicine will show us that, as Aubrey shared.

This podcast episode portrays how even the most successful men struggle with feelings of self-doubt and how his three plant medicine ceremonies helped remind Aaron that he can and should unconditionally love himself. What resulted from this was a person who was able to show up with vulnerability in life, professionally and personally, allowing others to do the same. And by doing so, we invite each other to be better team players, friends, and partners.

And as Aaron shared about his Ayahuasca journey later, he’s waiting to feel the call to sit with this life-changing sacred psychedelic medicine again. By standing up against biases around the word drugs, inviting people to learn on their own, rather than through manipulative media, sharing his Ayahuasca experiences, and listening to his intuition, he’s serving the medicine with power and grace.

“To see yourself flawed and still love yourself gives permission to others to do the same.” – Aaron Rodgers


Aubrey Marcus and Aaron Rodgers Ayahuasca Interview:

Listen on Apple Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/aaron-rodgers-shares-the-vulnerable-truth

Listen on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/episode/6hBjgJOxaX9FzhoRqwr4MW 

Watch on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Px3_lDaXHJM


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Harry Jowsey Recaps His 1heart Journey

Through NYE 2022 in Costa Rica, Harry Jowsey participated in 1heart Journey 11 and shares his honest, raw, and authentic recap in the podcast below. Enjoy!

Youtube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bZswzPiBdMA


Additional Resources:

If you would like to experience a 1heart Journey, please apply here!

Connect with Harry here: https://www.instagram.com/harryjowsey/


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Through the Fire — Entrepreneurship, Consciousness & Psychedelics

1heart’s CEO and Co-Founder Brandon Evans sits down with 1heart alum Chandeep and 1heart facilitator Pablo to share about his:

  • Search for flow and surrender
  • Recommendations for existing entrepreneurs on their journey for fulfillment
  • Alignment of ideas and influence of creativity and pauses on his growth
  • Balancing various initiatives he is pouring his heart into


Watch the full episode of his beautiful share here:


Additional Resources:

Find more episodes of ‘Through the Fire’ here


If you would like to experience a 1heart Journey, please apply here!


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1heart Journeys Recap by Gerard Adams with The Third Wave (Video + Podcast)

Gerard Adams, widely known as the “Millenial Mentor,” joins host Paul Austin from The Third Wave to discuss how plant medicine impacted Gerard’s perspective on what matters most in business and in life.

In 2015, Gerard Adams sold Elite Daily for $50 million. Many things have changed since that defining day, including the beginning of his practice with plant medicine. Integrating the insights learned by sitting with ayahuasca for his first time at 1heart Journeys has helped Gerard to weave together new models of business and consciousness, creating inspiring roadmaps for young leaders across the globe.

In his heart-to-heart conversation below with Paul, watch and/or listen (starting from minute 42:00) his recap of his 1heart Journey experience (Journey 2 in NYE 2019), including the main takeaways from each of 3 ceremonies, how he has integrated them into his personal life and professional community, and what path he still continues his work towards.


Additional Resources:

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Show Notes

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