Camila Cordero. Director of Operations

Camila Cordero. 

Director of Operations


“As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…”
– Hermes Trismegistus


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Growing up in Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica,  Camila was exposed to the wonders and gifts of our loving mother Earth as well and knew from a very young age she wanted to help people around the world experience this bliss as well and remember how much love and grace we can all experience just from a gentle breeze.


Her path to align her reality to her true calling has been, as it always is, not straight, but a wonderful rocky and surprising road. She spent 15 years working in Human Resources for large corporations which provided her with experience in people and talent development, organizational climate change, team relationships, and leadership counseling, but her thirst to contribute to people’s healing, as well as the world’s healing and her own, kept growing as the sense of accomplishment in that sense felt far away.


She decided to get her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training, and lead the Wellness initiative at her workplace (Mondelez International Service Center in Costa Rica) but it was only when she surrendered to life’s calling, resigned to her work stability to follow her passion that things started to fall into place.


She has followed her dream along with her business and life partner, Pablo, through Costa Rica’s beautiful coastal towns since 2019 (Hermosa Beach, Nosara, and Playa Grande) as entrepreneurs, which allowed her to cross paths with 1heart and finally join an organization in which purpose.


For a deeper dive into Cami’s story, read her article titled: In Love and Gratitude.


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