Brandon Evans. Chief Elevation Officer & Co-Founder

Brandon Evans

Chief Elevation Officer & Co-Founder.


“Your work is to discover your world and then
with all your heart give yourself to it.” — Buddha



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Brandon Evans is CEO (Chief Elevation Officer) and Co-Founder of 1heart. At age 36, after building two highly successful tech companies in New York, Brandon failed to see the joy, meaning and fulfillment he had expected with such “success”.

This experience as well as a failed first marriage, caused Brandon to dive deep into his own personal Journey.


Three years in, Brandon wrote about his Journey in his first personal article, Lost on Purposewhich went live on his 40th birthday and instantly went viral. The comments and resonance from the article provided the inspiration to birth 1heart, with his best friend Barry, with the mission of elevating the lives and consciousness of powerful leaders to positively shift business and our planet.


Brandon has been a lifetime student of spirituality and personal growth. It wasn’t until his first experience with plant medicine five years ago, however, that he truly began to live from his heart and express his truth. Now, he is deeply passionate about helping other leaders elevate and operate from their highest selves.


Brandon’s Journey has included years of study of Kabbalah, experiential course design with Leading Edge Trainer Forum, and coach training at The Human Potential Institute. Brandon’s passion to mentor and coach leaders has spanned all of his businesses, as well as his volunteer work as a Big Brother and as mentor to entrepreneurs with criminal pasts with Defy Ventures.


Over the past few years, Brandon has watched the 10-Year Life Vision he created at a yoga + meditation retreat in Cambodia almost fully manifest. He is now married to Jeanette Rios, the woman of his dreams, and they live together in Miami, both committed to elevating lives through transformational work.


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