1heart Journeys Recap by Gerard Adams with The Third Wave (Video + Podcast)

Gerard Adams, widely known as the “Millenial Mentor,” joins host Paul Austin from The Third Wave to discuss how plant medicine impacted Gerard’s perspective on what matters most in business and in life.

In 2015, Gerard Adams sold Elite Daily for $50 million. Many things have changed since that defining day, including the beginning of his practice with plant medicine. Integrating the insights learned by sitting with ayahuasca for his first time at 1heart Journeys has helped Gerard to weave together new models of business and consciousness, creating inspiring roadmaps for young leaders across the globe.

In his heart-to-heart conversation below with Paul, watch and/or listen (starting from minute 42:00) his recap of his 1heart Journey experience (Journey 2 in NYE 2019), including the main takeaways from each of 3 ceremonies, how he has integrated them into his personal life and professional community, and what path he still continues his work towards.


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