1heart Journey Recap: Sandy Porritt

Beyond Purpose – My 1Heart Story 

By Sandy Porritt (J14 Alumni)

Prior to 1heart, I was desperately searching for answers for the next chapter in my life, for a renewed purpose. After 26 years in a career where I gave unconditionally, sacrificing myself for  others, I found myself in a leadership position for a company that did not respect or value the  passion and dedication I gave professionally and personally to my career. I endured this environment for several years for financial stability, but it literally broke me; the passion I had for  the profession, my love for the people in it and my love for life itself. I was finally able to walk  away from this position in September 2021. However, after putting so much of my life into my  career, and Covid 19 lockdowns being in full force, I found myself isolated. Instead of rebuilding, I dove deeper into the negative beliefs that was part of my daily life during my last few years of  my career. I found myself being what I called “comfortably numb”. I was functioning. From the outside, it looked like everything was fine…but on the inside, I was numb to life.  

From the outside, it looked like everything was fine…but on the inside, I was numb to life.  


Early March 2022, I witnessed a beautiful transformation of a dear girlfriend upon her returned from a 1heart retreat. We have had similar life experiences and so much of what she shared  resonated deeply within me. She suggested that I attend 1heart. I knew that I wanted to have  the same experience of freedom in my life that I saw in her, but my finances were running low, and I honestly was doubting if I would be able to give up my years of anti-depressants and ADD  medication that would be required for me to attend. May quickly approached and my girlfriend  could see the pain I was in and offered to help co-sponsor my journey financially if I was willing to  put in the work. I had never excepted anything like this from anyone. All my life, I have always  been the one giving…not receiving, but I knew deep in my spirit that I needed this more than I  could ever admit to her or to anyone. Her unconditional love also saw this. So, I said yes! 

On May 23rd I applied and had my interview for 1Heart Journey 14, taking place August 6, 2022.  I immediately reached out to my doctor for assistance to get off my medications and took a fast  track deleting all pharmaceuticals from my system starting June 1. This would give me a full 2  months to cleanse my body before my 1heart retreat. I would not suggest this path is for everyone, but for me it was exactly what I needed. I did not want to take the gift that had been  given to me lightly. There is a saying within the tribe of 1heart – “that the medicine starts working once your intention has been placed in motion” – I believe that it is the insightfulness of 1heart leaders in how they have organized this amazing, transformative journey in your life that starts working when you begin implementing their processes.

The medicine starts working once your intention has been placed in motion.

They have created an 8-week  journey of healing with purpose and intent (2 weeks prep work, 1 amazing week of transformation, 5 weeks of integration). In their words “1heart is an all-inclusive human accelerator designed to fully elevate your mind, body, and spirit.Instead of starting the prep work 2 weeks prior, I began 2 months prior. I focused my energy on recommended readings,  refining my diet, giving up pharmaceuticals and working my way through the pre-journey awareness exercises; life assessment, inner critic, fears, self-limiting beliefs, be-do-have, passion, visions, and values. All these activities opened my heart and mind to receive the best yet to  come – our one week together in Costa Rica.  

I know without a doubt that my journey in Costa Rica, is one of the most impactful weeks I have  ever experienced. I can try to describe what happened, but the words can never fully capture the  depth of emotions, connection, insightfulness, and transformation that occurred. This was my first  experience with the medicine, and it was so much more than I had read about or been told.  “Grandmother Aya” is compassionate, loving and the kick in the ass that only a grandmother can  give! Throughout the week, I was introduced to the world of nature, ancient ceremonies,  Shamans, medicine music, expressive dance, breathwork, temescal sweat lodge, words of  affirmation, and the power of unconditional love from a community of strangers that are now  deeply rooted lifelong friends.

As the week unfolded, the intentions that I had set prior to going,  began to evolve, and develop into a deeper meaning. Through the medicine, and the  insightfulness and wisdom of those around me, I started to understand myself and the true  underlying reasons why I ended up so broken. I began to see the person I desired to be and the  future life I wanted, deserved and how to achieve it!

I could go on and on about the experience, but what I truly want to express by sharing my story is the difference this journey has made for  myself and for so many other leaders like myself. 1heart gave me so much more than purpose, it gave me the foundation and tools to become my best self. The community and friendships to  support my journey and the insight that my purpose is more than just a mission statement on  paper, but a reflection of my renewed love for life, myself, and my true light shining brightly to  bring compassionate leadership in everything I do and everyone I touch.


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