1heart Journey 21.
April 27 – May 4, 2024 



AGE 21+



$4,977 P/P

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1heart’s Journey Beyond is your opportunity to go beyond any fears, self-limiting beliefs, or life circumstances currently holding you back from the life you know is possible. It is your chance to elevate all areas of your life, from work to relationships to overall health and well-being. Go Beyond the blocks that have kept you stuck, playing small, or limiting your contribution to your communities. While it’s hard to imagine all that is possible through 1heart’s 8-week program, know that you aren’t alone. Many come skeptical, others with sky-high expectations based on friends’ experiences.

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While people come to 1heart for many different reasons, here are some of the most common:


  • Not surrounded by like-minded/hearted people.
  • Minimal exposure to conscious, curious high-performers.
  • Tired of small talk, but don’t have people to go deep with Inability to be vulnerable because of a void of safe, non-judgemental people and spaces in their lives.
  • Struggle to connect deeply.
  • Craving meaningful conversations.
  • Want to be surrounded by people living lifestyles they desire / seek to emulate.
  • Have the time to travel, but don’t have people they want to travel with.

Pain Points.

  • Feeling stuck.
  • Burnout.
  • Directionless.
  • Unmotivated.
  • Feeling like they’re meant to do something bigger but feeling drowned out in the current position.
  • Don’t enjoy what they do or who they work with.

Personal Pain

  • Struggle to communicate feelings, boundaries or needs.
  • Lack the motivation they once had to grow.
  • Going through challenges (divorce, death, health scare/upcoming surgery)
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As many say of 1heart, the medicine is the community. Yes, the Ayahuasca ceremonies are super powerful, as is much of the additional programming at 1heart. And nearly everyone who joins a Journey knows the impact the 1heart community has on their experience and transformation. Many experience being loved, supported and seen by the forty “strangers” on their Journey in a deeper way than they’ve ever experienced in their lives.


While 1heart has welcomed billionaires, award-winning directors, tech innovators, AgTech pioneers, conscious capitalists, government workers, TED speakers, NGO founders, TV stars, teachers, and leaders in all industries and fields, it is the diversity that creates the magic. Each Journey features people from all over the globe from various industries, ages, and career stages.


Our scholarship program also ensures that heart-centered leaders lacking financial freedom or just beginning their careers can join our Journeys and gain exposure to this work as well as mentors and lifelong friends to support them along their path.


1heart also welcomes people with various experiences with Ayahuasca and/or psychedelics. While many with extensive experience have joined and found the experience to be beyond all expectations, 1heart is especially known for its work with 1st-time Ayahuasca drinkers. In fact, about 70% of each Journey have never worked with Ayahuasca before. They typically choose 1heart based on a referral (80%+ of participants come via referral) who have shared with them about the loving, safe, and supportive container that 1heart holds and is known for. So, whatever your experience level, you will find an experience that meets and exceeds your needs (and wildest expectations).

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Join 40+ heart-centered leaders, innovative entrepreneurs, inspirational change-makers, and other amazing humans for a deeply transformational Journey. Together we will Journey to Costa Rica and sit with Ayahuasca in one of the most magical natural wonderlands on the planet This epic experience will include three Ayahuasca ceremonies guided by our world renowned and extremely musically gifted medicine team. Beyond the medicine, 1heart is known for the deeply intentional and immersive programming we bring to every Journey, integrating many ancient and modern modalities. The overall experience created is the “magic” our alumni universally describe when attempting to put words to their Journey.

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Glamping Accommodations in a Fully Furnished Bell Tent

To/from San Jose International Airport

Daily delicious, farm-to-table organic meals

Deeply connect with fellow inspirational leaders

Experience a powerful shamanic breathwork session that allows you to access elevated levels of consciousness

Rebalance the nervous system, remove physical blockages and get in flow with several unique classes throughout the week

Three sacred indigenous plant medicine ceremonies led by 1heart’s highly vetted/experienced Medicine Team + medicine support team


1heart living place

Connect deeply with yourself and nature with this ancient modality

Integrate your breakthroughs with our shaman and your new 1heart Tribe

Bonfire talks, swim in natural rivers on the property and ride horses on the onsite ranch

Experiential and collaborative workshops focused on life and business expansion and clarity

Get tribal with powerful opening and closing ceremonies

Explore some of the most beautiful and nature-immersed waterfalls

It wouldn’t be a 1heart Journey without a taste of surprise built in as well as gifts from the heart

Plus… Your Journey extends far beyond the week we spend physically together in Costa Rica. Your Journey includes the full 8-Week Program and Mastermind, all created to maximize the positive outcomes of your Journey. This includes:



Arrive in Costa Rica deeply prepared for this transformational experience. You’ll receive:


● Our 25-page Preparation and Elevation Guides.

Custom-created with readings, journaling prompts, Ayahuasca dieta best practices, visualization exercises and more.


● Virtual video calls include:

The entire Tribe of our staff, medicine person, and your fellow Journeyers A 1:1 with your Elevation Team leader A kick off with your Elevation Group (think of this as a smaller family unit within the big family).



After the Journey is where the biggest opportunities for growth occurs. 1heart has designed our group integration program to allow you to best implement the breakthroughs and insights you experience on the Journey into your lives back home.


You’ll stay connected with your new Tribe via our live virtual group Living Beyond program. You’ll be fully supported by our team, your elevation team, and team leader, and a buddy from the Journey, helping you stay on track in making powerful positive changes in your life. To be one of the most comprehensive programs for life elevation with sacred plant medicine, we also offer additional 1-on-1 private integration coaching with vetted professionals and experienced medicine facilitators upon request (beyond our 5-week group integration program) for those who want to dive deeper into what they want to shift and continually breakthrough.

Have questions about the 1heart or the plant medicine experience?

Browse our FAQs!

“If you want a great vacation, go to ClubMed. If you want to change your life, come to 1heart. While the journey experience itself was life changing, the actual change happened when I returned home and made concrete changes to my life. 1heart’s five-week integration program is world-class, pulling in best practices to help you remember and put into practice what you learned during an extraordinary week.”


– Charlene Li, New York Times bestselling author and entrepreneur

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While there are no guarantees, over 96% of our guests report experiencing a life-transforming breakthrough through their 1heart Journey. We know this only comes through a collective commitment and dedication to one’s work. The 1heart Program has been designed to create lasting positive life changes.


We pioneered an 8-week model that includes two weeks of virtual preparation (in addition to our 25-page Elevation Guide) and five weeks of integration post-Journey to foster profound personal growth and groundbreaking transformation.


It is clear from our experience the importance of this preparation and integration in creating true life transformation. If you come willing to do the work, the potential for significant personal growth in a 2-month time period is amongst the highest you will see anywhere.

yoga and meditataion

“The 1heart experience was the most impactful Journey of my life.”

– Gerard Adams, Founder of ‘Leaders Create Leaders’, “Millennial Mentor” + built two eight figure businesses

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At 1heart, we optimize for transformation. Everything we offer and do is to elevate the lives of those we serve. Our business has been built almost exclusively on referrals as we invest our hearts and souls into every guest who joins us.


With this mindset, we created the 8-week 1heart Journey Beyond Program. In addition to the best-in-class retreat experience in the ideal location in Costa Rica, we offer an additional 7-week virtual mastermind and masterclass program to create the conditions pre/post Journey necessary for true lasting life change.


Our Journeys feature top practitioners in a highly intentional and curated experience that is perfectly integrated to deliver highly predictable and powerful results. During our magical Journey together, you will experience Ayahuasca ceremonies, yoga, meditation, conscious movement, breathwork, sweat lodge ceremonies, ecstatic dance, bio-hacking, paradigm-shifting masterminds, and much more.


Plus, it wouldn’t be a 1heart Journey without surprises and good ‘ole fashioned fun. You’ll enjoy group celebrations, adventurous excursions, a modern cacao ceremony, healthy and incredibly delicious farm-to-table culinary delights, and a visionary group of leaders, entrepreneurs, and change-makers.


Journey Beyond to embody your truest form of self-love and forge forever friendships with a tribe committed to co-elevate each other’s dreams coming true and planetary solutions for the betterment of all. Let’s co-create and co-elevate for ourselves, our loved ones, and the ones to come.


Like Visuals? Watch the 1heart Video for a teaser of what you might expect.


Like Words? Read 100s of our all 5-Star Reviews to hear it first hand.


READY TO JOIN A JOURNEY?. Answer the call, your only regret will be not joining sooner. **All applicants are curated to ensure a great fit for them and the 1heart group. You will be contacted for an intro call with our founder or team upon application.

“Words cannot describe the 1heart experience, but I’ll try. There is so much intention, love, and compassion behind every detail of the journey. I am a different person because of 1heart – more conscious, more forgiving, more loving of myself and everything and everyone around me. The growth and awakening is nothing short of the most profound experience of my life.”


– Jason Tan, Founder & Executive Chairman at Sift

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Our home for 1heart Journeys is the most magical place we have been. Over five years, we’ve experimented with beachfront hotels, ultra-lux yoga retreats in hip locales, and elaborate temples in the middle of the jungle. And the favorite by our staff and guests of all our locations was abundantly clear, our home is at Kinkara.


Tucked away at the foot of Mt. Chirripó in Costa Rica, this retreat center is an experiential luxury resort on an expansive 800 acres for one-of-a-kind activities, amazing views and an absolute immersion in nature. Whether swimming in a jungle waterfall, savoring exquisite farm-to-table cuisine, or finding inner peace through a beautiful connection to nature, our Costa Rican home offers moments of self-discovery and exploration.


And given how much work we do on our Journeys, we know just how important deep sleep and rest is. We know that sleep is the best meditation. And when it’s close to nature it’s all the more restorative. Rest to the hum of the meandering creek and rise refreshed in one of the plush Lotus Belle tents shared among three villages, each offering a unique atmosphere. Each features exquisitely crafted hardwood furniture, sumptuous mattresses and pillows, organic cotton linens, daily housekeeping, and immaculate spa-inspired bath houses.


You’ll enjoy epicurean earth-to-plate cuisine, with new flavors and restorative ingredients sourced from our land. Our insanely talented, award-winning and published chefs create a thoroughly nourishing and organic family style dining experience tailored to each of our guests. And when you add the out-of-this-world service the Kinkara team embodies in all they do, it only adds to the world-class experience our guests continuously rave about.


Throughout the Journey, you will be enveloped by nature allowing you to focus on your Journey, while enjoying the peace and comfort of this beautiful retreat center. We will dine as a group and enjoy delicious, organic farm-to-table meals featuring that promote a healthy lifestyle.

“For 20 years, I’ve taken various courses in self-improvement, business management & entrepreneurship, etc. All this knowledge was excellent & useful, but somehow, the results were always just “good” but it never changed my life. After my 1heart journey, it is as though all those years of knowledge & hard work dropped from my head to my heart, and for the first time, I understood. There’s nothing like this journey. It will change your life!


– Edwin Doyle, Keynote Speaker & World Economic Forum Delegate

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Price ranges from $4,977 – $8,777 per person based on room selection. These costs are all-inclusive for the entire 8-week program and Journey to Costa Rica. The only additional costs are your round-trip airfare to San Jose, Costa Rica, and a plant medicine fee of $995 paid on-site directly to the medicine team. We understand this is an investment of your time and resources and we do not take that lightly. After their Journey, our guests are blown away by all they received and share that the value is far beyond any personal growth programs or vacations they’ve experienced.

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Included in your Journey is:


1) JOURNEY BEYOND | 7-day/night all-inclusive leadership retreat


2) ELEVATION GUIDE | Our 25-page guide with readings, exercises and materials to prepare you for all that is ahead


3) PREPARATION PROGRAM | 2-week Journey Beyond facilitated group preparation program including 1 to 1 and group call


4) INTEGRATION PROGRAM | 5-week Living Beyond facilitated group virtual integration mastermind + masterclasses


5) TRIBE IMPACT | Forever Access to 700+ alumni committed to elevating your life, work, and community!

A portion of your tuition will go to support the indigenous communities, medicine keepers, and lands who make these experiences possible for all of us. This sacred reciprocity is an important energy exchange that your funds will contribute to in order to help make this work sustainable and available to more souls.

“This 1heart journey has doubtlessly been one of the most profound experiences of my life, and it’s difficult to even put into words as to how much it has impacted me already and will continue to impact me on my future path. The beautiful container and perfectly orchestrated program, paired with an incredibly inspiring, hand-picked group of wonderful people really helped me to dive deep into my personal development journey and allowed for me to get an abundance of clarity, perspective, guidance, healing, gratitude and growth out of this week.”


– Anna Heil, Founder of Edible Balance, Holistic Nutritional Coach

“A remarkable and soulful experience curated by those with a deep caring for a world that works. The entire experience brought a deep connection to my beloved, the earth, and humanity. 1heart shouldn’t be missed as a part of your life transformation process.”


– David Katz, Founder & CEO at Plastic Bank

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If you feel called, excited, and aligned with this once-in-a-lifetime experience, apply here to be considered for our 1heart Journeys! Still have questions about 1heart or the plant medicine experience? Browse our FAQs.


    • 2 Weeks Preparation Program & Guides
    • 1 Week Journey Beyond (listed above)
    • 5 Weeks Integration Program & Modules
    • New Curated Soul Tribe

    • Roundtrip Airfare
    • Medicine Fees ($995 USD)

This was no ordinary trip but a pivot shift in the understanding of my life. Never in my life have felt explosions of love, joy, and clarity.”


–Palak Patel, Award Winning Celebrity Chef